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Department of Economics

Scholarships and Internship

The Economics Scholarships AY2020-21
To encourage final year Economics students to pursue further study in economics, the Department of Economics has established “The Economics Scholarships” for full-time final year undergraduate students during 2020-21 studying the Discipline Major in Economics of BSocSc (Hon) Programme at Lingnan University.
The Scholarships shall be awarded to up to two students for further study in economics (or a related field) in non-local top universities (Master/MPhil, or PhD Programmes). The value of each award shall be up to HK$50,000. Applicants should submit 1) the application form and 2) the offer or conditional offer letter for full-time admission to the further study degree program in question issued by the non-local university when applying for this Scholarship by email to or in person to the Economics General Office by 15 April 2021.

The Best Economics Students Awards

To provide an extra incentive to our students to discover the allure of economics, the Economics Department decided to award the “Best Economics Students Awards” to top students from Discipline Major in Economics of BSocSc (Hons) Programme, each student will be awarded up to HK$5,000:


The Awardees of the 2020-21 Best Economics Students Awards are (in Alphabetical order):


CHANDRA, Sonal           Fourth Year      BSS (Economics Major)

GU, Wenjie                      Fourth Year      BSS (Economics Major)

MENG, Baosi                  Third Year         BSS (Economics Major)
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The Awardees of the 2019-20 Best Economics Students Awards are (in Alphabetical order):


CHAN, Hon Chuen          Fourth Year      BSS (Economics Major)

CHANDRA, Sonal           Third Year         BSS (Economics Major)

MENG, Baosi                  Third Year         BSS (Economics Major)
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The Awardees of the 2018-19 Best Economics Students Awards are (in Alphabetical order):


CHAN, Hon Chuen          Third Year            BSS (Economics Major)

WANG, Zhicheng             Fourth Year         BSS (Economics Major)

ZHONG, Yicheng             Fourth Year         BSS (Economics Major)

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The Best Economics Minor students Awards

To encourage non-economics major undergraduate students to choose economics as their minor programme, the Department of Economics has created the “Best Economics Minor Students Award” of HK$3,000 to go to deserving students:

The Awardees of the 2019-20 Best Economics Minor Student Awards is:

HUANG, Yijun                  Third Year          BBA (Finance Stream)  

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The Awardees of the 2018-19 Best Economics Minor Student Awards are (in Alphabetical order):

KWAN, Man Yuk              Fourth Year         BBA (Accounting)   
WU, Ruizhu                      Fourth Year        BBA (Translation)   
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Full Scholarships offered by the MSc. in International Banking and Finance (MIBF) Programme and MSc. in International and Development Economics (MIDE) programme (AY2020-21)


MIBF: Up to TWO FULL SCHOLARSHIPS (each including a full tuition waiver plus a stipend of $50,000)* will be awarded to students from Discipline Major in Economics of BSocSc programme at Lingnan University.


MIDE: ONE FULL SCHOLARSHIP (including the full tuition fee waiver plus a stipend of $50,000)* will be awarded to student from Discipline Major in Economics of BSocSc programme at Lingnan University.

*subject to review

Application Deadline: 21 February 2021


Summer Internship Programme


Effective from 2014-15, the Economics Department offers up to two internship opportunities to students in Discipline Major in Economics or International Economy and Politics (IEP) / Social and Public Policy Studies (SPPS) Stream of BSocSc (Hons) Programme via our annual Summer Internship Scheme. These students will have the opportunity to get solid trainings in conducting research in economics. They will be under direct supervisions by our economics professors and provide research support on serval economics projects in summer for two months. The application period will be in March/April every year.

Calling For Application AY(2019-20)

The Department of Economics has openings for summer interns. Interns are expected to (1) provide research support to Economics professors for projects (duties include questionnaire construction, data collection, data analysis, literature review, and report preparation); and (2) provide assistance in organizing the Department’s teaching and learning activities.

Number of Vacancies:
Up to 2

Period of Internship:
15 June to 12 August 2020 (up to 2 months)

Application Deadline:
Monday, 20 April 2020

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AY2019-20     MENG Bao Si (Second Year, Economics)

It has been an exceptional opportunity to join the internship offered by the Department of Economics. Under the supervision of Prof. Fan Cheng Ze, my main duties have been conducting literature reviews, data processing, and preparing experiments. The experiment was to test the influence of extracurricular activities on student educational outcomes.  I had not previously realized how important it was to hold control variables constant rigorously in real society settings.  I was privileged to work with researchers from universities in the Greater Bay Area.
Another task required summarizing output of Granger Causality tests for a research project regarding China’s external trade and political relations. This task not only enhanced my capability to process data and apply related software, but made me think more carefully about the rise of economic nationalism in the context where globalization appears to be in reverse.  This experience in particular, but all of my experiences, likely will influence my future study and research.
In general, interning as a research assistant this summer was a rewarding experience.  I look forward to applying my newly-acquired skills and knowledge acquired to more research projects.

AY2019-20      YUAN Chenxuan (Second Year, Economics)
Participating in this summer internship program offered by the Department of Economics was an unforgettable experience for me. Under the guidance of Professor Liu Sibo, I got to know how research takes place and how researchers conduct themselves. By searching information, I understood that Google is not omnipotent. To find valuable and reliable information about government laws on certain issue, I gradually got familiar with the structure of the local Legislative Councils websites and other relevant official websites. Besides, I learned about American laws and America’s legal system. Through data collecting and cleaning activities, I realized that how much data a research project requires. It was a good opportunity to train me to be patient and work efficiently for a long time. Although there was a huge amount of data to be analyzed, some tools can help to simplify the work. Here, my supervisor introduced me to Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) in order to highlight the similarities or differences between two cells in Excel for more efficient judgments. Overall, I leant a lot from this internship program and I am looking forward to applying what I have learnt to my future study and life.

AY2019-20     Zhang Fuze (Third Year, Economics)
I was honoured with the chance to be an intern in the Department of Economics this summer and had an unforgettable experience. Under the supervision of Professor Gregory William Whitten, I searched out case studies for economics courses to help him with his future teaching. This task exposed me to varieties of recent news and taught me more on different views about hot topics around the world, so that I could keep up with times and develop my analytical abilities. By applying the economic theories from our courses to analyse the real-world cases, I can think more critically and comprehensively. Meanwhile, my reading speed has made a leap through reading those articles. I also helped to adapt teaching materials for online learning. In general, this two-month internship has given me a valuable opportunity to enrich myself during the holiday. It is a pleasure to spend time with warm-hearted and preeminent colleagues. It also made me think more clearly about what I would like to do in the future.

AY2018-2019     HE Jiaying (Third Year, Economics)
It was a memorable and fruitful summer for me when I had a one-month internship in the Department of Economics at Lingnan University. As a research assistant, I participated in the project “Fighting Cartels in Mainland China and Hong Kong”. My duties included researching cartel whistleblower reward policy in different regions and preparing reports. I also worked on the industrial and technological background of China’s cement industry.

​The internship offers me a good chance to practice how to understand real-world activities with economic perspectives. As a student majoring in economics, it is important to apply the knowledge learnt from the classrooms and develop economics analysis practically. At the same time, I gained a deeper understanding of academic research. My research skills were improved within this period, such as preparing reports and data processing. Furthermore, this internship benefits me when I develop my future career plan. I wish I could equip with advanced analytical skills in the future study. Apart from my growth during this period, I was very glad to build friendships with many members of the Department of Economics. In general, I am grateful I could have this precious opportunity to improve myself.

AY2018-2019     HONG Xiaoyu (Third Year, Economics)
It is a valuable experience for me to be the intern in the Department of Economics of Lingnan University. Under the guidance of Professor Fan Chengze, I am a research assistant for the Environmental regulation in the presence of polluting urban agglomeration and rural-to-urban migration project. I am mainly responsible for analyzing and labeling the relevant experimental data for the project and constantly changing the experimental variables to get the optimal solutions under different conditions. I also learnt and tried to adapted research content into documents for presentations with latex. Under the supervision of Prof Gregory Willian Whitten, I assisted him in preparing for the new semester’s courses. Meanwhile, I consulted the relevant literature to study the relationship between the value of the dollar and the value of the yuan in recent years. In general, this internship has greatly improved my personal ability. It helped me learn a lot about research, literature review and collation, and the use of research-related software. This experience also gave me the opportunity to experience the process of economic research and gave me a lot of inspiration for research methods and directions. I look forward to applying what I have learned from this experience to my future study and future research.
WANG Zhicheng, Josephine (Graduated in 2019, UG, Economics)
Being the intern in Department of Economics is a rewarding experience during my study at Lingnan University. Under the supervision of Professor Lin Ping, I am a research assistant for a project on competition in browser and search engine market in China. I am responsible for collecting data on market share and economic performance in each main player, and conducting analysis in the development of these industries. I have learnt more than I expected, in particular, my skills of conducting research, doing literature review and writing comprehensive reports have been strongly improved. The valuable part of the internship is that, by searching for information, I also know more about the most recent products and development in the prevailing information technology sector. Generally, this experience provided me an opportunity to better understand the research interests of professors in economics department, and acquire deeper knowledge especially on industrial economics. All the challenges I have met made for an even more worthwhile internship. I wish I could apply what I have learnt in my further study and improve my research skills to an advanced level.
YEUNG Kong Lung (Third Year, Economics)
This summer, I took part in the internship program offered by Department of Economics. I was in charge of a project, led by professor Lin Ping, about the relation between government procurement and competition ordinance.

My overall research skills have been enhanced. Under the guidance of Prof. Lin, I conducted a literature review for basic information about government outsourcing in Hong Kong. To be able to submit my work on time, I read them quickly and accurately. As a result, my speed of reading becomes faster. Furthermore, with all the relevant information, I needed to draft a report on the current situation of government procurement in Hong Kong. To present it in an objective manner, I needed to take the citations frequently and carefully.

​Due to the time conflict with my exchange program, I have only worked for a month in this internship program. However, what I have learnt is very useful for me to boost my research skills. Having understood these skills, I am sure that they will be conducive to my further studies. All in all, this research has made me a fruitful experience in this summer holiday.
TANG Haibin (Graduated in 2018, UG, Economics)
In my third year of study as a student major in economics, I was fortunate enough to be selected as a research assistant for the Department of Economics at Lingnan University. That special experience had helped shape myself into who I am today. During the period of internship, I was able to take a close look at what professors are working on for their academic research. I saw how much effort is needed to be put into a high-quality research paper.  Acting as research assistant let me understand what an economist's daily work would be like and what skill set it would take to be a good academic researcher.
Apart from the technical knowledge I had from the internship experience, I also built up valuable friendships with teachers and other research assistants. From interactions with all these amazing people, I received a lot of useful information and it helped me to navigate my life better.