Master of Science in International Banking and Finance

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Excellent Quality and Satisfaction

According to last year’s graduate survey, 94% surveyed graduates strongly agree and agree the quality of the programme is excellent. Students also highly rated the courses and teachers in course teaching and learning evaluation. The average responses to the questions “I have learned a lot in the course” and “I am satisfied with the teacher’s performance” are 5.13 and 5.27 respectively on a six-point scale where 6 being strongly agreed. In general our students were very satisfied with their teaching and learning experiences with the Programme.


Feedback from Course Teaching and Learning Evaluation in 2017/18




I have learned a lot in this course



I am satisfied with the teacher's performance



Remarks : on a 6-point scale, 6 = the highest


Feedback from External Academic Advisers in 2017/18

Based on the courses reviewed, the External Academic Advisers complimented that the programme has several strengths. "First, it has rich academic content. Second, the content is practical and closely tied to the banking and finance industry. Third, there are always timely topics that can keep the students abreast with important current issues and situation. Fourth, the examination questions are well set and are able to assess how much students have learned from the subjects."


Views from Graduates

“I have more than 3 years of professional working experience in banking and consulting and I didn't think that master's degree can challenge me. Gladly I was wrong. MIBF program gives significant academic enhancements to my academic knowledge and business skills. If you are considering taking a CFA exam, this program is an excellent opportunity to get valuable training and tips from chartered holders. In general, education at Lingnan University, where high level of ethical standards correlates with forward-thinking culture, puts me into a higher orbit of personal and professional development.”

Finance Officer, Airbnb, Ireland
Graduate from Kiev National Economic University, Ukraine




“Almost three years’ work experience at bank makes me love this area very much, and meanwhile I realize that I need more professional knowledge and training about finance. The strong academic and multi-cultural atmosphere impressed me when I first came here.  Professors teach patiently in order to make sure that each of us can catch up with the courses, as well as probe into the latest financial news.”

Ms. XIAO Xiaozongzi
Senior Manager, the Head Office of VIP Client Department , Industrial Bank Co. Ltd., China
Graduate from Fudan University, China