Master of Science in International Banking and Finance

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Staff List

Overall, we have expertise in financial markets, tax theory and policy, labour economics, industrial economics, development economics, economics of the family, international trade, cost benefit analysis, and agricultural economics. The economics staff holds PhDs from the U.S., the U.K., Germany, Canada, and Australia. Details

Management Team


Programme Director

Prof. LIN Ping


Managing Director

Dr. LAI Wan Lung, Kent


Senior Administrative Assistant

Ms. SIU Ching Man, Candy


Senior Administrative Assistant

Ms. LO Kit Yiu, Yoyo


Administrative Assistant

Ms. HU Tingting, Victoria


Staff Profile


Head of Economics Department:

QIU Dongxiao Larry, ​BSc (SYSU); MA, PhD (UBC)


President and Chair Professor of Economics:

CHENG Kwok-hon, Leonard, BSocSc (CUHK); MA, PhD (University of California, Berkeley)


Programme Director of MIBF and Professor:

LIN Ping, BSc (Shandong); MA (Chinese Academy of Soc. Sc.); PhD (Minnesota)


Managing Director:

LAI Wan-lung, Kent, BSc, PhD (Arizona State); FHKSI



FAN Cheng-ze Simon, BSc, MSc (Xiamen); MA, PhD (Brown)

WEI Xiangdong, BSc (Zhongshan); MSocSc, PhD (Birmingham)


Associate Professors:

WONG Chi Leung, Adam, BSocSci (CUHK); MPhil (CUHK); PhD (UBC)

ZHANG Tianle, B.S. (Sun Yat-sen); MSc (HKUST); PhD (Colorado)


Assistant Professors:

WHITTEN Gregory William, BA, MA (Wisconsin-Milwaukee); MSc (Wisconsin-Madison); PhD (Pittsburgh)

WONG Ho-lun Alex, B.A. (UCLA); M.A., PhD (Stanford) 


Senior Lecturer:

WONG Wai-chung, Gary, BSoSc (LU); MPhil (LU); MSc (CU); PhD (LU)