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Message from the President

Photo of Prof. CHENGFounded in Guangzhou in 1888 and re-established in Hong Kong in 1967, Lingnan has the longest history among all local tertiary institutions.

As the liberal arts university in Hong Kong, Lingnan aspires to excel in teaching, research and community engagement. We are committed to providing students with the best and most unique education experience, characterised by close student-staff relationship, a vibrant residential campus; active community engagement and multifarious workplace experience. We aim to imbue our students with attributes such as a broad horizon, critical and creative thinking, sound moral judgment, a sense of responsibility and care for others. These qualities have become more valuable than ever in today’s increasingly complex society, shaped by rapid globalisation and technological advancement.

The Master of Science in International Banking and Finance (MIBF) programme is an example of our commitment to serve the local and international community. The major objective of this programme is to provide a broad-based set of problem-solving skills especially useful for those who are holding or anticipating positions as managers, financial analysts or economists in the banking and finance industry, big multinational corporations, government agencies and international organizations. The MIBF programme is distinctive in Hong Kong in that its internationally-oriented curriculum covers not only the core areas in banking, finance and economics, but also related topics in accounting, regulations, information technologies and so on.

Evidence indicates that the programme has generally achieved its aim. According to the recent MIBF graduate surveys, about 90% of its graduates agree that the programme is helpful or extremely helpful in their career advancement. I am also glad to learn that all surveyed graduates rate the overall programme quality as good or excellent.

If you wish to build a bright career in the financial services sector, you need to equip yourselves properly and adequately for today’s complex and ever-changing challenges. Our MIBF Programme would be a good choice for you as it provides you with the crucial training to turn challenges into opportunities.

I sincerely invite you to consider our MIBF Programme and look forward to welcoming you into our big family at Lingnan.


Prof. Leonard K CHENG
Lingnan University


Message from the Programme Directors

Photo of Prof. QIU Dongxiao Larry
Professor QIU Dongxiao Larry
Director, MIBF Programme
Department of Economics
​BSc (SYSU); MA, PhD (UBC)

Photo of Prof. Kent LAI
Dr. Kent LAI
Managing Director, MIBF Programme
Department of Economics
BSc; PhD (Arizona State); SFHKSI

Hong Kong is an international financial center. It is an ideal place to learn international banking and finance. There are also ample opportunities for students with the knowledge of international banking and finance to work in this city’s financial sector. The Master of Science in International Banking and Finance (MIBF) Programme of Lingnan University is the unique programme to help you achieve these objectives.

The Programme focuses on banking and finance so as to equip students with modern knowledge and advanced problem-solving skills required in the banking and financial sectors. The MIBF is a truly international programme because on the one hand, it includes internationally-oriented curriculum, and on the other hand, our students come from all over the world. In addition, the Programme is well connected with a number of overseas universities so that our students can exchange to and even earn double master degrees in those universities. The Programme reflects the liberal arts education of the University as it includes a very rich variety of courses for students to choose. Instructors consists of both renowned professors from the academic side as well as successful practitioners from the business sector.

The excellence of the Programme is proven by its popularity in applications, high quality of the student intakes, good opportunities for internships, satisfaction of the students and graduates, and the career development. In our most recent graduate survey, all surveyed graduates are satisfied with the quality of our programme and the value. And 96% of them would recommend the MIBF Programme to their friends.

For the above reasons, I sincerely invite you to apply to our MIBF Programme. I look forward to working with you together to achieve your goals.

The details of aforementioned reasons are presented in the following sections for your consideration.

Last but not least, MIBF students now have the opportunity to earn the MIBF degree and another master’s degree from a reputable European University (ESSCA in France, UAB in Spain, University of Leicester in the UK or HSLU-W in Switzerland) with merely 1.5 - 2 years of school time. This is a fantastic option for those students who want to broaden their eld of expertise and acquire international learning experience in Europe.In summary, we sincerely recommend this programme to you if you are serious in studying international banking and nance for a promising career in the industry or for advancing to a higher degree.

*The top three Economics Departments in terms of 4-star research output in the 2014 Research Assessment Exercise are Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, University of Hong Kong and Lingnan University respectively.
**YU Xiaohua and GAO Zhifeng (2010). An updated ranking of the economic research institutions in China. China Economic Review, 21, 579.

Message from the Associate Professor of Practice

Photo of Mr. Raymond SO
Mr. SO, Bing Kei Raymond
Associate Professor of Practice, MIBF Programme
Department of Economics
BS, MS (Columbia, USA), MEd (HKU)

During your year at Lingnan, MIBF will give you a life-transforming and ever-memorable experience:

  • Inspiring experience to learn economic and financial theories from top researchers and practitioners through project-based learning and case-study analysis
  • Eye-opening experience to discuss the culture and work ethics at different financial institutions
  • Favorable experience to gain the opportunity to work for your part-time lecturers’ renowned financial firms during and after the school term
  • Most importantly, an “Idiosyncratic” experience to talk with your mentors about anything, from career counseling to meaning of life, over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine during holidays