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Programme Structure

 Students have to obtain a minimum of 30 credits which consists of at least 3 credits in each of the five core clusters (total 15 credits)

Corporate Finance Cluster IBF502 and / or IBF603
Investment Cluster IBF505 and / or IBF617
Financial Institutions Cluster IBF606 and / or IBF611 and / or IBF616
International Cluster IBF504 and / or IBF615 and / or IBF622
Quantitative Cluster IBF604 and / or IBF618 and / or IBF623

+ 15 credits of elective courses (the extra course taken from the same cluster will be counted as an elective course)

List of Courses

# Students are not allowed to take both IBF504 and IBF615 for credits.
^ Students are not allowed to take both IBF625 and IBF626 for credits.