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Message from the Programme Director

Photo of Prof. QIU Dongxiao Larry
Professor QIU Dongxiao Larry
Director, MIDE Programme
Department of Economics
​BSc (SYSU); MA, PhD (UBC)

The Master of Science in International and Development Economics (MIDE) is a unique programme to equip students with contemporary theoretical frameworks and international comparative perspectives to analyze issues in international and development economics.

Knowledge from this Programme can be applied to analyze the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and economic development of the Greater Bay Area (GBA). Countries along the Belt and Road are expected to create economic cooperation that stretches from the Western Pacific to the Baltic Sea. It is hoped that the BRI will greatly accelerate the world economy and also be an important stimulus for technological innovations that drive further economic growth. Hong Kong as the international business hub of the GBA and will play an important role for the success of the GBA. Both BRI and GBA are new initiatives in the global and regional economy. The MIDE program prepares students to participate in these great developments.

MIDE aims to provide multi-disciplinary training to students and enable them to analyse development issues from a wide range of angles covering economic, social, political and environmental considerations. The Programme not only offers regular classroom teaching and learning but also provides students with strong comparative and international perspectives by encouraging active participation in various kinds of experiential learning. It gives students many out-of-classroom experiences to enable them to gather first-hand experiences related to development issues.

The excellence of the Programme is proven by its popularity in applications, high quality student intakes, good opportunities for internships, high satisfaction of the students and graduates, and rich career development. In our most recent graduate survey, over 90% of surveyed graduates were satisfied with the quality of our programme and the importance of the programme to their future career paths.

I hope the MIDE programme provides you the precious opportunity to learn and offer new insights that make life better for individuals and societies in the future.

Thank you.