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Important Notes for Non-local Students:

  • Students from mainland China and Macao are required to obtain a visa/entry permit from the Hong Kong Immigration Department (IMMD) for the purpose of studying in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (Hong Kong), after they receive a temporary admission letter from our Programme. An applicant of such a student visa to Hong Kong for study purpose is required to nominate a local sponsor. Mainland students who will enter Hong Kong directly from Mainland China should request the China Affairs Office (CAO) to be their visa sponsor. A formal admission letter will be issued when the visa application is completed.
  • According to the existing immigration arrangements, students (including MIDE students) from mainland China and Macao who have completed their full-time bachelor's degree or above in the UGC institutions after 1990 or later may apply for employment in Hong Kong. However, this arrangement does not apply to those students enrolling part-time courses.
  • Due to the long visa application process, to accept non-local applicants to submit applications for admission beyond the admissions period, please contact our course officer for details.

Accommodation for non-local students

Limited hostel places are available to non-local students of Taught Postgraduate Programmes. MIDE Office will email students about the arrangement if there are available places.