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Orientation Programme


Every year, the Programme Office will arrange a welcome party and a welcome dinner for new students. Graduates will be invited to share and communicate with peers. In order to allow students to understand the campus environment more quickly and adapt to the new campus life, ITSC and library of the school will organize campus facilities introduction and library tour for students every year.
In addition to getting to know the campus, MIDE Programme also organized a visit to the Hong Kong Exhibition City Pavilion. Under the guidance of the docent, the students quickly and systematically learned about Hong Kong. Students had the opportunity to take the Ferris wheel to enjoy the scenery of Hong Kong and experience the traditional Hong Kong means of transportation-the Star Ferry. Through a series of orientation activities, students have a more specific and comprehensive understanding of Hong Kong. They are very fresh about Hong Kong, a city where the economy is prosperous and Chinese and Western cultures are highly blended, and they are looking forward to their new study and life here.