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Department of Economics

2014-15 學年

CCC8002 The Making of Hong Kong
CLA9005/GEC308 Economics of Culture and Creativity
CLC9005/GEB228 Finance and Politics: Public Interests and Private Manipulation
CLC9013/GEC310 Comparative Economic and Social Systems
CLC9016/GEC349 Contemporary Socio-Economic Issues
CLE9025/GEC370 Understanding Life and Happiness: An Interdisciplinary Approach
ECO101/ECO2101 Introduction to Economics
ECO201/ECO3201 Intermediate Microeconomics
ECO202/ECO3202 Intermediate Macroeconomics
ECO204/SSC3204 Public Expenditure and Cost Benefit Analysis
ECO205/ECO3205 Economics of Taxation and Transfer
ECO207/SSC4207 International Political Economy
ECO208/ECO3208 Principles of Public Policy
ECO209/ECO3209 The Hong Kong Economy
ECO211/ECO4211 Chinese Economy
ECO212/SSC3212 Regional Development in China
ECO213/ECO4213 China, Hong Kong, and the World Economy
ECO214/ECO3214 Globalization and Economic Integration
ECO216/ECO3216 Behavioural Economics
ECO217/ECO4217 Money and Banking
ECO218/ECO3218 Economic Development
ECO305/ECO4305 International Trade
ECO306/ECO4306 International Finance
ECO3101 Introduction to Econometrics
ECO3102 Quantitative Methods in Economics
ECO311/ECO3311 Economics of the Family
ECO312/SSC3312 Health Policy
ECO314/ECO3314 Environmental Economics
ECO315/SSC3315 Labour Market and Education Policy
ECO316/ECO4316 Industrial Economics and Competition Policy
ECO320/ECO4320 Game Theory and Strategic Behavior
ECO323/ECO4323 Financial Economics
SSC201 Trade and International Relations of Asia Pacific
SSC217/SSC3217 Statistics for Social Sciences
SSC3102 Seminar in Social and Public Policy Issues
SSC3319 Junior Research Project