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Department of Economics

2019-20 學年

CCC8012 The Making of Hong Kong
CLA9005 Economics of Culture and Creativity
CLC9005 Finance and Politics: Public Interests and Private Manipulation
CLC9013 Comparative Economic and Social Systems
CLC9016 Contemporary Socio-Economic Issues
CLE9025 Understanding Life and Happiness: An Interdisciplinary Approach
ECO2101 Introduction to Economics
ECO3001 The Hong Kong Housing Market
ECO3002 The Economics of the Digital Economy
ECO3104 Quantitative Methods in Economics
ECO3105 Introduction to Statistics and Econometrics
ECO3201 Intermediate Microeconomics
ECO3202 Intermediate Macroeconomics
ECO3203 Labour Economics
ECO3208 Principles of Public Policy
ECO3209 The Hong Kong Economy
ECO3213 China, Hong Kong, and the World Economy
ECO3214 Globalization and Economic Integration
ECO3216 Behavioural Economics
ECO3311 Economics of the Family
ECO4217 Money and Banking
ECO4305 International Trade
ECO4306 International Finance
ECO4316 Industral Economics and Competition Policy
ECO4320 Game Theory and Strategic Behaviour
ECO4323 Financial Economics
SSC2113 Linear Algebra
SSC2114 Calculus
SSC3204 Public Expenditure and Cost Benefit Analysis
SSC3212 Regional Development in China
SSC3312 Health Policy
SSC4101 Environmental Issues and Policy
SSC4207 International Political Economy