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Department of Economics

Distinguished Lecture on China's G-20 Presidency in 2016 and its Role in Global Governance

Speaker Ambassador Andrés Rozental,
Eminent Ambassador of Mexico and former
Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs
Date Thursday, 22 October 2015
Time 11:30 am to 1:00 pm
Venue Paul S Lam Conference Centre
Since the financial crisis in 2008 the G-20 - the major forum for economic dialogue and coordination among the top advanced and emerging countries - rose in range and importance and now holds, annually, several sectoral Ministerial meetings and a much-watched Presidential Summit, attended also by the IMF and World Bank heads. While its primary focus is financial regulation and macroeconomic cooperation, its agenda has grown to include areas of major global interest such as energy and the environment. China assumes the chair of the G-20 next year. Its Summit, to be presided over by President Xi in November 2016 in Hangzhou, will be the G-20's first ever hosted in China. Ambassador Rozental played a key role when Mexico hosted the G-20 Summit in 2012 and will address a senior forum on the G-20 at Tsinghua University in late October. He will talk at Lingnan about the G20's evolving core agenda, his expectations for China's Summit priorities, and how these will reflect and affect China’s evolving role in global governance.

About the Speaker

Andrés Rozental was a career diplomat for over 35 years: Deputy Foreign Minister (1988-94), Ambassador to the UK (1995-97), Ambassador to Sweden (1983-88) and Permanent Representative to the UN in Geneva (1982- 83). Since 1994 he has the rank of Eminent Ambassador of Mexico. Founding President of the Mexican Council on Foreign Relations. In 1997 he retired from Government and created Rozental & Asociados, providing international political and economic advice to Mexican and international companies. He is currently Chairman, Member of the Board or advisor to several important multinational enterprises in Mexico and Brazil. Ambassador Rozental is a Senior Policy Advisor at Chatham House in London and sits on the Board of Canada's Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI).