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Department of Economics

辜成益 (2018年本科畢業生)

Research Analyst in a corporate intelligence firm Bridger Intelligence
Hi! My name is Galvin Goh Chen Yik. It was honored and grateful to participate and graduated from the Lingnan undergraduate Economic’s class of 2015. Prior to joining the Bachelor of Social Science Economic (Hons), I wanted to understand the reason why there is part of society are failing economically and suffered poverty throughout their life. Enrollment in the course not only allowed me to answer that question but trained me to have the ability to contemplate, think and empathize about society or the world from many perspectives. This has really shaped my personalities. Reflecting through my 3 years of the undergraduate program, I was surrounded with amazing classmates, professors, resources and opportunity to learn and contribute. Service-Learning of Lingnan allowed me to put my ideas into practice and provide small yet immediate impact to the society. This learning and execution process gave me an edge in the current competitive workforces. The education I received from Lingnan also inspired me to keep pushing and do more for others. My economic professors also mentored me and my friends for our startup project,  they have provided valuable insights and advice that act as a stepping stone to the project and personal development. Their doors are always open to our questions not only limited to economics but life, careers, politics, and etc. Therefore, I strongly suggest my juniors to take the available and nonstop learning because the world is a new class and Lingnan has your back.