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Department of Economics

KAHSY Haftom Bayray (2016年博士畢業生)

Assistant Professor of Economics, Mekelle University, Ethiopia
Dr. Haftom is currently working as Assistant Professor of Economics at Mekelle University in Ethiopia. His research interests include Micro Development, Education, Health, Agriculture and Technological Adoption.
He has been involved in the NOW-WOTRO Science for Global Development research project that aims to conduct an empirical research on the cost effectiveness of integrating weather index insurance into the productive safety net program in Ethiopia.
Currently in collaboration with researchers from Lingnan and Mekelle University, he is working in a large scale research project on “Bridging the Language Transition from Native Language Teaching to English Teaching: Two Experimental Studies among Ethiopian Higher Primary and Secondary Schools.” This research project aims to evaluate whether providing bilingual education resources and/or the provision of competitive teacher incentives in developing countries can help rural schoolchildren in improving academic achievements.