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Department of Economics

羅睿 (2012年哲學碩士畢業生)

PhD in Economics, Binghamton University, State University of New York
The Economics program provides throughout academic knowledge on Economics and Finance including fundamental economic theories and statistic techniques. This program facilitates students who want to pursue further postgraduate study on these two fields. Professors are helpful when students find difficulties in understanding course materials. Course designs are practical by including mainly the latest techniques and topics. Department of Economics holds meetings between Professors and students. Thus, students can ask for advices from Professors about future study and research topics. Interacting with Professors improves not only academic knowledge but also familiarity of latest research issues because most of them are engaging in researches with industries, other universities, and research organizations. Besides, students of the program are from everywhere of the world and have different strengths and experiences. Learning with classmates let students share their knowledge and understand the importance of working as a team. Learning facilities are also supportive. There are computers with latest statistic software and a wide range of Economics and Finance databases, which allow students to implement both industrial and academic researches. The department also arranges seminars frequently by inviting Professors from other universities and experienced professionals of different industries. This helps students have a deeper and comprehensive understanding about the economic system.