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Department of Economics

梁軒誠 (2017年本科畢業生) (2020為研究碩士畢業生)

MPhil, Department of Economics, Lingnan University

The 4 years’ undergraduate experience in Lingnan is valuable and meaningful. In these 4 years, I gained a lot from different courses offered by the Economics department. The coverage of these courses are comprehensive and well-organized. From learning basic techniques to exploring a wide range of areas in Economics, I was inspired a lot. In addition, professors are patient and enthusiastic in teaching and providing professional comments to us, which help us to learn better. Also, Lingnan emphasizes close faculty-student relationship. I very appreciated that such close relationship between the faculty members and students were developed through these years of study. For learning, students were encourage to express their views and participate in discussion during the tutorial session. It enables us to interact with teachers and other students. The feedbacks received from the discussion are crucial in learning. Apart from learning, teachers provided useful advices and supports to me in pursuing my further studies. I am now studying a research postgraduate programme (M.Phil. in Economics) in Lingnan. The knowledge and techniques I learnt from my undergraduate degree serve as strong foundation for my current study. I am glad that I graduate from Lingnan and I really enjoy the fruitful experience in those years.