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Department of Economics


BA, MA (Renmin); PhD (HKUST)
  • Associate Professor ​​
Personal web-page:
Professor HONG Fuhai is an associate professor at the Department of Economics of Lingnan University. Before joining Lingnan, he taught at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore and Shanghai University of Finance and Economics in China. His research interest includes environmental and public economics, and behavioral and experimental economics. His research papers are published or forthcoming in such journals as American Journal of Agricultural Economics, Canadian Journal of Economics, Environmental and Resource Economics, Experimental Economics, Games and Economic Behavior, International Economic Review, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, Journal of Public Economics, Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists and Management Science.

Research interest:
Environmental and Public Economics, Behavioral and Experimental Economics


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2. Hong, Fuhai and Larry Karp, 2012, International Environmental Agreements with Mixed Strategies and InvestmentJournal of Public Economics, 96 (9-10), 685-697.

3. Hong, Fuhai, 2014, Technology Transfer with Transboundary Pollution: A Signalling ApproachCanadian Journal of Economics, 47(3), 953-980.

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7. Hong, Fuhai, 2015, 
International Environmental Agreements with Reference PointsJournal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics (formerly: Journal of Socio-Economics), 59, 68-73.

8. Lo, Dic, Fuhai Hong and Guicai Li, 2016, Assessing the Role of Inward Foreign Direct Investment in Chinese Economic Development, 1990-2007: Towards a Synthesis of Alternative ViewsStructural Change and Economic Dynamics, 37, 107-120.

9. Hong, Fuhai and Wooyoung Lim, 2016, Voluntary Participation in Public Goods Provision with Coasian BargainingJournal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 126, Part A, 102-119.

10. Hong, Fuhai, Wooyoung Lim and Xiaojian Zhao, 2017, The Emergence of Compositional Grammars in Artificial CodesGames and Economic Behavior, 102, 255-268.

11. Hong, Fuhai and Xiaojian Zhao, 2017, The Emergence of Language Differences in Artificial CodesExperimental Economics, 20(4), 924-945.

12. Hong, Fuhai, Tanjim Hossain, John List and Migiwa Tanaka, 2018, Testing the Theory of Multitasking: Evidence from A Natural Field Experiment in Chinese FactoriesInternational Economic Review, 59(2), 511-536.

13. He, Tai-Sen and Fuhai Hong, 2018, Risk Breeds Risk AversionExperimental Economics, 21(4), 815-835.

14. Hong, Fuhai, Wei Huang and Xiaojian Zhao, 2019, Sunk Cost as a Self-Management DeviceManagement Science, 65(5), 2216-2230.

15. Hong, Fuhai and Tat-How Teh, 2019, Bureaucratic Shirking, Corruption and Firms’ Environmental Investment and AbatementEnvironmental and Resource Economics, 74(2), 505-538.

16. Hong, Fuhai and Zhendong Yin, 2019, Optimal Antibribery Policy when Bribery Type is EndogenousJournal of Public Economic Theory, 21(6), 1074-1106.

17. Chen, Xiu, Fuhai Hong and Xiaojian Zhao, 2020, Concentration and Variability of Forecasts in Artificial Investment Games: An Online Experiment on WeChatExperimental Economics, 23(3), 815-847.

18. Hong, Fuhai and Nori Tarui, 2020, Special Issue on Environmental Governance in Asia: IntroductionSingapore Economic Review, 65(3), 551-553.

19. Hong, Fuhai and Zhendong Yin, 2020, Collusion, Extortion and the Government’s Organizational StructureJournal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 180, 1-23.

20. Hong, Fuhai, Larry Karp and Tat How Teh, 2021, Identity in Public Goods Contribution, Social Choice and Welfare, forthcoming.


  1. ECO3314 Environmental Economics
  2. ECO3216 Behavioural Economics
  3. ECO3201 Intermediate Microeconomics (Co-teach)
  4. ECO3205 Economics of Taxation and Transfers (Co-teach)
  5. SSC4101 Environmental Issues and Policy


地址︰ 香港嶺南大學黃玉蘭樓2樓218室
電話︰ (852) 2616 7040
傳真︰ (852) 2891 7940

Personal web-page: