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Department of Economics


BA, MA (Wisconsin-Milwaukee); MSc (Wisconsin-Madison); PhD (Pittsburgh)
  • Assistant Professor of Teaching 
  • Major Coordinator
  • Department of Economics, Lingnan University

Professor Gregory W. Whitten is Assistant Professor at the Department of Economics of Lingnan University. He received his PhD in Economics from the University of Pittsburgh, USA, in August 2013. He had been an instructor in the University of Pittsburgh before he joined Department of Economic. His research interest includes currency unions, international trade, exchange rate regimes, macroeconomics, and applied econometrics.




  • University of Pittsburgh
    PhD in Economics
  • University of Wisconsin-Madison
    MSc in Economics
  • University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
    MA in Economics
  • University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
    BA in Economics, French Literature, International Studies (Summa cum laude)


  • Assistant Professor of Teaching, Economics Department, Lingnan University, 8/2018 -
  • Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, Lingnan University, 8/2013 to 8/2018
  • Instructor, University of Pittsburgh, 1/2013 to 4/2013
  • Graduate Teaching Assistant, University of Pittsburgh, Fall 2008 to Spring 2011
  • Graduate Student Instructor, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 1/2002 to 5/2003


  • Currency unions, international trade, exchange rate regimes, macroeconomics, applied econometrics


  • "Shipment by suitcase: tourists in the gravity equation," Tourism Economics (under review - joint with LO Chu-ping).
  • "Price level co-movements within currency unions: an alternative integration metric," The World Economy, volume 41, 2018.
  • "Disaggregated trade and disaggregated currency unions: a ranking of common currency effects," Agricultural Economics, volume 47, 2016.
  • "Supplemental Education Services Under No Child Left Behind: Who Signs Up, and What Do They Gain?" (joint with Carolyn Heinrich and Robert Meyer), Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis, June 2010.


  • "Would a currency union by any other name be as integrated?"
  • "Price level co-movements within Preferential Trade Agreements (PTAs)"


  1. ECO2101 Introduction to Economics
  2. ECO3213 China, Hong Kong, and the World Economy
  3. CLC9016 Contemporary Socio-Economic Issues
  4. CLD9028 Who's #1
  5. CLE9015* Rethinking Global Issues (Co-teach)
  6. ECO4306 International Finance


地址︰ 香港嶺南大學黃玉蘭樓3樓317室
電話︰ (852) 2616 7181
傳真︰ (852) 2891 7940