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Department of Economics


​BA, MA (Nankiai); PhD (Toronto)
  • Associate Professor

Professor Junji XIAO has been an associate professor in economics at Lingnan University since 2021. He is an economist with research interest in the fields of empirical industrial organization, environmental economics and China economy. His recent work has explored such topics as the competition structure, the welfare effect of environmental policies and the vertical restraints. Before joining Lingnan University, he taught at UTS Business School, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Fudan University and Shanghai University of Finance and Economics respectively. He was awarded the German DFG Fellowship in 2001 and Hong Kong RGC grant in 2016. His research papers have been published in such journals as International Economic Review, Review of Economics and Statistics, Journal of Industrial Economics, Journal of Economics & Management Strategy, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, International Journal of Industrial Organization and Journal of Comparative Economics. He has also worked on commissioned projects for the State Administration for Market Regulation, China.




  • University of Toronto, Canada
    PhD in Economics
  • Nankai University, China
    MA in International Economics and Trade
  • Nankai University, China
    BA in International Economics


  • Associate Professor, Department of Economics, Lingnan University, Hong Kong 2021-present
  • Head, UTS-Shanghai Division, University of Technology Sydney, Australia 2020
  • Associate Professor, the Economics Discipline Group, The University of Technology Sydney, Australia 2017-2020 
  • Associate Professor, Faculty of Business Administration, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
    Hong Kong 2014-2017
  • Associate Professor, School of Management, Fudan University Shanghai, China 2010-2014
  • Associate Professor, School of Economics, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics Shanghai, China 2008-2010
  • Assistant Professor, School of Economics, School of Economics, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics Shanghai, China 2006-2008


  •  Industrial Organization, Environmental Economics, China Economy, Behaviorial Economics.



  1. "Welfare analysis of the subsidies in the Chinese electric vehicle industry", with Xiaodan Guo, Journal of Industrial Economics, forthcoming.
  2. "An Assessment of the Unintended Environmental Impact of Location-based Policy", with Maoyong Fan, Qu Tang, and Jianxin Wu, American Journal of Agricultural Economics, forthcoming.
  3. "Comparison between uniform tariff and progressive consumption tax in the Chinese automobile industry", with Xiaolan Zhou, Caixia Shen and Yanfei Wang, Journal of Industrial Economics, 69(1)(2021): 169-213.
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  17. "A Method for Analyzing Strategic Product Launch", Frontiers of Economics in China, 2(3)(2007): 458-464.

Working Papers

  1. "Dealer Size Distribution in the Chinese Automobile Market", with Frank Mathewson.
  2. "The Selection Effect of Quota Rationing Mechanisms on Sales Distribution: the Convergence of Auction and Lottery", with Mandy Hu and Bingyong Zheng.
  3. "Indirect network effects and policy implications: empirical analysis of the Chinese electric vehicle market", with Jianwei Xing, Xiaodan Guo and Jiming Wang.
  4. "Neighborhood Characteristics and Perceived Earthquake Risk", with Song Shi.
  5. "Black Market Performance: Illegal Trade in Beijing License Plates", with ystein Daljord, Mandy Hu, and Guillaume Pouliot.
  6. "Philanthropy Flow Signals and Corporate Disaster Donations", with Xueming Luo and Rong Huang.
  7. "Predicting Customer Retention based on the Selection of Payment Plan", with Liyin Jin and Liyuan Wei.
  8. "Incumbent or Entrant? The Effects of Competition and Uncertainty on Partner Choice in Vertical Relationships", with Mantian Hu.
  9. "Effects of Distributor and Market Characteristics on Distribution Intensity: An Analytical Model and Empirical Investigation", with Xubing Zhang and Namwoon Kim.
  10. "Prediction and Learning about Credit Card Spending", with Jaimie Lien and Liyin Jin.
  11. "The Cross-Category E ects of Reward Point Promotions: An Empirical Analysis", with Steven Lu and Tingting Fan.
  12. "Foreign Direct Investment in China's Auto Market: A Welfare Analysis", with Liyuan Wei.
  13. "Regulation versus Monitoring: Effects and Welfare Implications in e-Marketplaces", with Liyuan Wei.


  1. ECO2101 Introduction to Economics
  2. ECO4001 Economics of Markets and Regulations
  3. IDE513 Environmental Issues and Sustainable Development


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