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Department of Economics


​B.S. (Sun Yat-sen); MSc (HKUST); PhD (Colorado)
  • Associate Professor
  • Department of Economics, Lingnan University

​Professor Tianle Zhang is Associate Professor at the Department of Economics of Lingnan University. He received his PhD in Economics from the University of Colorado at Boulder, USA, in 2010. His research area includes Information Economics and Economics of Innovation and Patents. Professor Zhang has published research papers in Economic Journal, International Economic Review, Management Science, Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, and International Journal of Industrial Organization.


  1. "Experience Goods and Consumer Search", American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, (with Yongmin Chen & Zhuozheng Li), forthcoming.
  2. "Consumer Search and Product Liability", General Research Fund (GRF), AY2019-20.
  3. "Vertical Integration and Disruptive Cross-market R&D" (with Ping Lin and Wen Zhou), Journal of Economics & Management Strategy, Vol. 29 (1), 51-73, 2020.
  4. "Antitrust Policy, Continuing Innovation and R&D Incentive", General Research Fund (GRF), AY2018-19.
  5. "Price-directed Consumer Search" (with Yucheng Ding), International Journal of Industrial Organization, Vol. 58, 106-135, 2018.
  6. "Patentability, R&D Direction, and Cumulative Innovation" (with Yongmin Chen and Shiyuan Pan), International Economic Review, Vol. 59 (4), 1969-1993, 2018.
  7. "Intermediaries and Consumer Search" (with Yongmin Chen), International Journal of Industrial Organization, Vol. 57, 255-277, 2018.
  8. "Entry and Welfare in Search Markets" (with Yongmin Chen), Economic Journal, Vol. 128 (608), 55-88, 2018.
  9. "Interpersonal Bundling" (with Yongmin Chen), Management Science Vol. 61(6):1456-1471, 2015.
  10. "(When) Do Stronger Patents Increase Continual Innovation?", (with Yongmin Chen and Shiyuan Pan), Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, Vol. 98, 115–124, 2014.
  11. "Patenting in the Shadow of Independent Discoveries by Rivals", International Journal of Industrial Organization, Vol. 30, 41-49, 2012.
  12. "Equilibrium Price Dispersion with Heterogeneous Searchers", (with Yongmin Chen), International Journal of Industrial Organization, Vol. 29, 645-654, 2011.


  1. ECO3104 Tools for Economics Analysis
  2. ECO4316 Industrial Economics and Competition Policy
  3. CLD9029 Consumer, Voters & Information Tec
  4. ECO3104 Quantitative Methods in Economics


地址︰ 香港嶺南大學黃玉蘭樓2樓212室
電話︰ (852) 2616 7202
傳真︰ (852) 2891 7940