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Department of English
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INGHAM Michael Anthony

Associate Professor

Email: ingham@ln.edu.hk

Tel: 2616 7787

  • Biography

    Mike Ingham has been teaching English Studies as a member of the English Department at Lingnan University since 1999. Previously he worked as Head of Modern Languages at the British School of Gran Canaria in Spain and, on arriving in Hong Kong, as English Language Enhancement Coordinator for the Hong Kong Education Department at the Institute of Language in Education and subsequently the Hong Kong Institute of Education. Mike is a founder member of Theatre Action, a Hong Kong based drama group that specialises in action research on more literary drama texts. He also directs student productions in English at Lingnan University as part of the university's liberal arts mission. His current work focuses on intermediality studies between poetry and art song forms and is also co-writing a study of Hong Kong documentary film based on findings of a recent research project. Mike and his UK-based academic brother Richard are collaborating on a long-term Shakespearean language and verse study using fresh empirical data. Mike's work is multi-faceted and broad in scope, reflecting not just a wide range of interests and strengths, but also an empirical sense of fluid educational categories and a need for creative inter-disciplinarity.

  • Academic & Professional qualifications
    • Ph.D. in English Theatre Studies, University of Hong Kong (1997)

    • R.S.A. Dip. TEFL Bell Language Institute, UK (1984)

    • M.A. in French/German Literature/ Linguistics, University of Oxford (1981)

    • P.G.C.E (Teaching Qualification) Avery Hill College, London (1978)

    • B.A. in French/German Literature/ Linguistics University of Oxford (1977)

  • Teaching Experience
    • Associate Professor, Department of English, Lingnan University (2005-present)

    • Assistant Professor, Department of English, Lingnan University (1999-2004)

    • English Language Enhancement Co-ordinator, Hong Kong Institute of Education (1996-1998)

    • Senior Lecturer in Media and Performing Arts, South East Essex College, UK (1995-1996)

    • Lecturer, in In-service Language Teacher Education, Institute of Language in Education, Education Department. Hong Kong (1992-1995)

    • Assistant Education Officer, English, Education Department. Hong Kong (1989-1992)

    • Head of Foreign Languages, British School of Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, Spain (1987-1989)

  • Areas of Interest
    • Theatre Studies - Shakespeare Studies

    • Cinema Studies

    • Literary Linguistics

    • Hong Kong Studies

    • European Language/Linguistics

    • Language learning via cultural activities

    • Adaptation and Intermediality

    • Comparative literature – East-West studies

    • Drama translation

    • Speech and Drama pedagogy

    • European studies (language and literature)

  • Courses Taught
    • ENG3205 Contemporary Literature in English II: Drama and Poetry

    • ENG3250 European & Chinese Essay Forms

    • ENG3274 Literature and Adaptation

    • ENG3277 English Drama Performance

    • CLB9024 English in Popular Song

  • Selected Publications


    • Stage-play and Screen-play: The Intermediality of Theatre and Cinema. London and New York: Routledge (2017)

    • Documentary Film Hong Kong (co-authored with Ian Aitken). Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press (2014)

    • Johnnie To's PTU in The New Hong Kong Cinema Series. Hong Kong: Hong Kong University Press (2009)

    • Hong Kong - A Cultural History. New York: Oxford University Press (2007)

    • Hong Kong - A Cultural and Literary History. Oxford and Hong Kong: Signal Books/HKU Press (2007)

    • City Stage: Hong Kong Playwriting in English. Michael Ingham and Xu Xi, eds. Hong Kong: HKU Press (2005)

    • Staging Fictions - The Prose Fiction Stage Adaptation as Social Allegory. Edwin Mellen (2004)

    • City Voices - An Anthology of Hong Kong Writing in English, Xu Xi and Michael Ingham, eds. Hong Kong: HKU Press (2003)

  • Journal Articles & Book Chapters
    • ‘Ordinary Man: Christy Moore and the Irish Contemporary Ballad’. Music and Politics 11/2 (2017)

    • ‘Come You Spirits’: An alternative afterlife to Shakespeare’s Macbeth and Othello as me- diated through Japanese classical noh and kyogen theatre forms.’ Co-authored with Dr Kaoru Nakao of Osaka University. Asian Theatre Journal (2017)

    • ‘Comparing syntactic strategies for proximity and distance in the verse/prose comedies of Shakespeare and Jonson.’ Co-authored with Richard Ingham (University of Westminster, UK). Memorial di Shakespeare - A Journal of Shakespeare Studies (2017)

    • ‘Shakespeare captured live in HK cinema - a reaction shot.’ In Aebischer, Green- halgh & Osborne, Eds. Shakespeare and the Live Theatre Broadcast Experience. London: Bloomsbury (2018)

    • ‘The Stretched Metre of an Antique Song': Jazzin' the Food of Love.’ Shakespeare Studies 44 (2016)

    • Bilingualism in the early English Ballad: Francophone influences in the development of the ballad genre in medieval England.’ In Multilingualism in the Middle Ages and Early Modern Age : Communication and Miscommunication in the Premodern World.

    • ‘Popular Song in Adaptation.’ In Thomas Leitch, Ed. The Oxford Handbook of Adaptation Studies. New York: Oxford University Press (2017)

    • That Shakespeherian Rag’: Shakespeare and Jazz.’ In Bruce Robinson and Aimara Resende (eds) The Cambridge Guide to World Shakespeare. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press (2016)

    • Pardonetz moi qe jeo de ceo forsvoie': John Gower’s Anglo-Norman Identity.’ Co- authored with Richard Ingham. Neuphilologus (2015)

    • ‘Beyond Asian? Beyond cinema? Intermediality, the performative and the cosmopolitan in the documentary films of Evans Chan.’ Asian Cinema 25(2) (2015)

    • Drama in education, education in drama : a student-centred historical perspective for studying Alan Bennett's "The History Boys". In DeCoursey, C. (Ed.) Language Arts in Asia 2 : English and Chinese through Literature, Drama and Popular Culture, pp. 90-109. Newcastle Upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

    • ‘A Personal Vision of the Hong Kong Cityscape in Anson Mak's Essayistic Documentary Films One Way Street on a Turntable and On the Edge of a Floating City We Sing.’ In Judith Pernin and Camille Deprez (eds) Post-1990 Documentary: Reconfiguring Independence. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press (2015)

    • ‘The Documentary Film in Hong Kong: Screen Histories and Documentary Practices.’ Co-authored with Ian Aitken. In Esther M.K. Cheung and Gina Marchetti (eds.) The Companion to Hong Kong Film. Wiley-Blackwell (2015)

    • ‘Syntax and Subtext: Diachronic variables, displacement and proximity in the verse dra- mas of Shakespeare and his contemporaries.’ Co-authored with Richard Ingham. Shakespeare 11/2 (2015)

    • ‘Evans Chan’s The Map of Sex and Love.’ In Linda Chiu Han-lai and Kimburley Wing-yee Choi (eds) World Film Locations: Hong Kong. Bristol: Intellect Books (2013)

    • ‘Discontinuities of the Urban film Set: The Representation of Kowloon in Contemporary Feature Film.’ In Esther Lorenz and Li Shiqiao (eds) Becoming Culture: Spatial Reflections in Kowloon. Hong Kong: MCCM (2013)

    • ‘Sound and Vision: The Artistry of Margaret Leng Tan and Evans Chan in Sorceress of the New Piano (2004), Makrokosmos I & II (2004) and The Maverick Piano (2006)'. In Tony Wilson (ed.) The Films of Evans Chan. Hong Kong: Hong Kong University Press (2015)

    • ‘The true concord of well-tuned sounds’: Musical adaptations of the sonnets.’ Shakespeare 9/2 (2013).

    • ‘Twenty years after: Hong Kong dissident documentarians and the Tiananmen factor.’ Studies in Documentary Film 6/1 (2012)

    • ‘Shakespeare’s use of syntax and metre in dramatic verse: subject-verb inversion and ictic stress placement.’ Co-authored with Richard Ingham. In M. Ravassat & J. Culpeper (eds.) Essays on Shakespeare’s language. London: Continuum (2011)

    • ‘The Mind’s Ear: Imagination, emotions and ideas in the inter-semiotic transposition of Housman’s poetry to song.’ In Laurence Raw and Joanne Collie (eds.) Adapting Translations, Translating Adaptations. London: Continuum (2011)

    • ‘Staging the Epic Self: Theatricality, Philosophy and Personality in Brand and Peer Gynt’. Acta Ibsenia VII (2010)

    • ‘Hong Kong Cinema and the Film Essay: A Matter of Perception.’ In Gina Marchetti, Esther M.K. Cheung and Tan See-kam (Eds.) Hong Kong Screenscapes: From the New Wave to the Digital Frontier. Hong Kong: HKU Press (2010)

    • ‘From Xu Xi to the Chief Executive: Hong Kong in the Dock’. In Kam, Louie (ed.) Hong Kong Culture Word and Image. Hong Kong: Hong Kong University Press. 2010.

    • ‘Englishization or Sinicization? English in the Hong Kong Cultural Scene’. In Tam Kwok-kin (Ed.), Englishization in Asia. Hong Kong: Open University Press (2009)

    • ‘The Reception of Samuel Beckett in China and Hong Kong.’ In Mark Nixon and Matthew Feldman (eds), The International Reception of Samuel Beckett., London: Continuum (2009)

  • Recent Conference Presentations
    • ‘We Will Perform in Measure Time and Place: Synchronicity and Cultural Mobility in Tang Shu Wing Theatre Company’s 2016-16 Macbeth’, ‘Asian Shakespeare Association Annual Biennial Conference, “All the World’s his Stage: Shakespeare Today’ 1-3 December 2016.

    • ‘The Stretched Metre of an Antique Song: Jazzin’ the Food of Love’. Australia and New Zealand Shakespeare Association 2016 Biennial Conference, University of Waikato, New Zealand, November 15-17, 2016.

    • ‘Comparing Syntactic Strategies for Proximity and Distance in the verse/prose comedies of Shakespeare and Jonson.’ Given at SLIN Conference in Sapienza University, Rome - ‘A Great Feast of Languages: Shakespeare’s Language and the Language of his Time’, October 27-28 2016.

    • ‘Study What You Most Affect: Studying and Interacting with Shakespeare’: Seminar panel; and paper for World Shakespeare Conference (wsc2016) International Shakespeare Association, Stratford-upon-Avon and King’s College London, July 2016.

    • ‘John Gower’s Anglo-French Balades: How Anglo? How French: An investigation of his Language, Style and Themes.’ University of Leeds International Medieval Congress, 6-9 July, 2015.

    • ‘Shakespeare Perceptions’ at University of Southern Queensland. ‘Come you spirits: An alternative afterlife to Shakespeare’s Macbeth as perceived through Japanese Classical Noh theatre.’ Co-presentation with Dr Kaoru Nakao of Osaka University. Australia and New Zealand Shakespeare Association Biennial Conference, October 2014.

    • ‘Anson Mak’s Documentary Vision of the Benjaminian Cityscape.’ Visible Evidence 21 Conference, 2014, Delhi. Paper given as part of HK and China panel (see 1 above, forthcom- ing publications); co-organised by Visible Evidence and Jawarhalal Nehru University, Dec, 2014.

    • ‘Chinese Cinema Inside and Outside China’. Paper given at international conference organized by University of Manchester, UK: ‘Beyond Asian? Beyond cinema? Intermediality, the performative and the cosmopolitan in the documentary films of Evans Chan’. October 2013.

    • ‘One Way Street to the Floating City: The documentary films of Anson Mak’. Paper given at Asian Documentary Cinema International Conference, Hong Kong Baptist University, August 2013.

    • ‘Multilingualism, Marginality and the Message in Medieval Songs and Poems of Social Protest.’ Paper given in 48th International Congress on Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo, University of Western Michigan, USA. May 2013.

    • ‘But O what form can serve my turn?’ Japanese Classical Noh Theatre and its Aptness for Formal/Cultural Adaptations of Shakespeare. Paper given with Dr Kaoru Nakao at International Conference on Shakespeare and Japan. De Montfort University, Leicester, UK. February, 2013.

    • ‘That Shakespeherian Rag: Shakespeare Songs and Sonnets and Jazz Feeling.’ Paper given at ‘Shakespeare and Emotions’ International Conference of Australian and New Zealand Shakespeare with University of Western Australia Centre for History of the Emotions, November, 2012.

  • Professional Activities
    • Moderator/ setter for HKDSE English Literature papers, H.K. Examinations Authority 2016-17

    • External examiner for Chinese University of Hong Kong M.A. in Literary Studies programme 2015-17

    • External Examiner for PhD thesis by Ms Estela Ibanez Garcia on ‘Performing Reality in Ingmar Bergman’s late work’ for Faculty of Arts, University of Hong Kong. Jan 2016

    • External assessor for Ms Chan Pui-nam (HK Baptist University, Dept of English) on MPhil thesis, 'Empowerment and Vampire Literature: Female vampire characters as a cultural response to oppression', August, 2016.

    • External Examiner for MPhil thesis by Ms Chu Man-chu, (Chinese University of Hong Kong, Dept of English) on ‘Yeats and the Sublime’, November, 2016.

    • External Examiner for Michael Noble PhD thesis for Faculty of Arts, University of South Australia, ‘Nicholas Culpepper and the mystery of the philosopher’s stone: recovering and enhancing subjugated knowledges through historical fiction’, April 2017.

    • Examiner/reviewer for Literature in English proposals for Hong Kong Arts Development Council

  • Cultural Activities
    • May 2015, Director, ‘Ivor Gurney: A Voice Apart’, a play by Piers Gray; English Language production at Hong Kong Fringe Club

    • November 2009. Director and co-adaptor of a theatre work performed in Hong Kong entitled ‘A Meditation on Time: T. S. Eliot’s Four Quartets in Performance’.

    • May 2008 ‘Le French May’ Festival performance. Director and adaptor of production of Genet’s Les Bonnes in a new mime version at Hong Kong Fringe Club.

    • January 2007. Creative adaptation of The Yellow Wallpaper (adapted by Mike Ingham) for a performance at the Fringe Club, Central and subsequently on tour in the Sub-sta- tion, Singapore.

    • English language student productions at Lingnan that I have directed include: Charley’s Aunt (2005); The Taming of the Shrew (2007); The Two Gentlemen of Verona (2009); The Importance of Being Earnest (2012); Chinglish (2017); Animal Farm (2018) and My Fair Lady (2019).

  • Funded Research Projects
    • “O Brave New World”: A Comparative Study of Simulcast and Captured Live Shakespeare-in-Cinema in the UK and Hong Kong (Principal Investigator; co-investigator Prof. Pascale Aebischer (Department of English, Exeter University, UK). Funded by Hong Kong RGC GRF, HK$148,000 (2018-19)

    • Virtual Pioneers - Inculcating Digital Literacy for Teaching Literary Texts in a Virtual Learning Environment. Funded by UGC Knowledge Transfer Fund, HK$70,000 (2017-18)

    • Shakespeare: A Study in Syntax and Style for Teachers and Performers in a Second Language (Principal Investigator; co-investigator Prof. Richard Ingham (University of Westminster, London, UK). Funded by Hong Kong RGC GRF, HK$312,000 (2016-17)

    • A Critical Investigation of Stage-to-Screen and Screen-to-Stage Adaptation Discourses: An Analysis of Key Terms and Practices (Principal Investigator; co-investigator Prof. Ian Aitken, Hong Kong Baptist University). Funded by Hong Kong RGC GRF, HK$178,000 (2012-14)

    • Online Resources for Developing Virtual/Real; Performances in English Dept. Performance-based and Creative-based Elective courses (Principal Investigator; co-investigator Prof. Diane Hui, Lingnan University.. Funded by Lingnan University Teaching Development Grant, HK$192,000 (2015-17)

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