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MSc in Marketing and International Business (MScMIB)

Programme Information

Programme Website
Special Features
  • Teaching and Learning: To adopt a student-oriented teaching and learning approach and emphasise close faculty-student relationship
  • Professional Networking Activities: To provide students with whole-person and career development opportunities through professional networking activities
  • Consulting Project: To enable students to put theory into practice, and deliver meaningful services to the community upon undertaking consulting projects
Mode of Study Full-time
Programme Duration
  • Normal: 1 year
  • Maximum: 3 years
Medium of Instruction English
Credits Required 30
Modules Required 9 (Core courses: 6, including the Consulting Project with 6 credits; Electives courses: 3)
Pre-entry Course Applicants holding a non-business degree are required to take the pre-entry course "Marketing and Economics" prior to the start of the MSc Programme.
Tuition Fees (for 2020/21)
  • Local students: HKD163,000/programme
  • Non-local students: HKD163,000/programme

The tuition fees above do not cover pre-entry courses.

Professional Recognition
  1. Chartered Institute Marketing (CIM)
  2. Hong Kong Institute of Marketing (HKIM)
  3. Hong Kong Management Association (HKMA)
Programme Leader Dr TANG, Jacky
BBA (Georgia); MSc (UCD); DBA (CityU); Executive Education (Harvard)
Offering Unit Department of Marketing and International Business


Students are required to complete 9 modules in one year of study. Each module bears three credits, except the Consulting Project which bears 6 credits.

Core Courses (Six courses):
  1. MIB501 Consumer Behaviour
  2. MIB502 Applied Marketing Research
  3. MIB503 International Marketing Management
  4. MIB504 International Trade and Investment
  5. MIB505 Services Marketing and Customer Relationship Management
  6. MIB506 Consulting Project (6 credits, Year-course)

Elective Courses*
(Choose 3 electives: ALL from Marketing or 2 from Marketing + 1 from International Business):

Marketing Cluster

  1. MIB601 Innovation and New Product Development
  2. MIB602 Integrated Marketing Communications
  3. MIB605 E-commerce and Social Media Marketing
  4. MIB606 Financial Services Marketing
  5. MIB607 Big Data Marketing

International Business Cluster

  1. CDS513 Purchasing and Logistics Management for eBusiness
  2. MGT604 Strategic Management

* The offering of elective courses is subject to sufficient demand and faculty availability.

Admission Requirements

1. General Qualifications

  • An applicant should hold a Bachelor’s degree with a first class or second class honours from a recognized tertiary institution or have equivalent experiences and qualifications, which will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

2. Language Requirements

  • An applicant whose degree is not from a tertiary institution in Hong Kong or an English-speaking country should obtain:
  • a minimum score of 550 (paper-based test) or 213 (computer- based test) or 79 (internet-based test) in the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), or
  • a band score of 6.5 or above in the International English Language Testing System (IELTS).
  • Applicants who do not fulfil the above language requirements but have an equivalent score in a recognized test, or an equivalent qualification assessment to prove their language proficiency may be considered on a case-by-case basis.


  • Applicants with some working experience will be preferred.
  • The English language requirement is applicable only to applicants graduating from universities with a non-English medium of instruction.
  • Applicants with a non-business degree, and those without a course in Marketing or Economics are required to pass a pre-entry bridging course prior to the start of this MSc Programme.

Scholarships & Financial Assistance

Academic Scholarships

To attract the best student intakes, 5-10 scholarships (from full- to partial-tuition fee scholarship) will be offered each year for excellent candidates. The scholarship awardees are expected to be of top level performance all round and they will be notified with details individually in due course.

Government Student Financial Assistance

Local students are eligible for applying the Extended Non-means Tested Loan Scheme (ENLS). For eligibility and details, please visit the Working Family and Student Financial Assistance Agency's website.

Words from Alumni

MScMIB Alumni: Mr XuMr XU, Lucas (MScMIB 2019 Graduate)

‘My studying experience in MIB would not only be my fundamental understanding of business but also the cornerstone of my entrepreneurial career. Nine months with MIB has transformed me from a young graduate into a business professional.

It takes a good head and a good heart to be successful. MIB would change the way I see things, I would talk differently, I would have deeper interpersonal relationships with my friends, my colleagues, and strangers. After nine months of intensive studying the skills and knowledge in MIB, I could share the elements to success with all, which are integrity, trust, honesty, determination, and desire to succeed. MIB has many successful professors and smart students, some of them would be my best friends and business partners. With the international business network, I gained from MIB and the better understanding of business I learned in MIB, I would be able to fly through any obstacles I might face in the future. MIB impressed me the most was not only what I have accomplished professionally and academically, but also the way I was and the way I am.’

MScMIB Alumni: Ms WEIMs WEI, Yandan (MScMIB 2018 Graduate)

‘This MSc in Marketing and International Business Programme allows you understanding of consumer's psychology and conducting market research. Ultimately, with a variety of propositions, you will be able to plan out professional marketing campaigns.

The year-course Consulting Project enables you to experience real business environment, negotiating with clients, discussing with supervisor and putting forward strategies for the company sponsors. This is not only an interesting and challenging project, but one to apply theories learnt.’

MScMIB Alumni: Mr ZHANGMr ZHANG, Wenbin (MScMIB 2018 Graduate)

‘One of the most unforgettable experiences at Lingnan is the campus life which I can share my daily life with friends. Being in the consulting group, I have met my lovely and considerate teammates and developed a close rapport with them which may rarely gain in future career life. Also, life in the student hostel provides me a chance to interact actively with my roommates, during which I have some precious memories such as dinner parties, games and trips. Studying at Lingnan is not only a process of gaining skills and knowledge, but also a journey to make lifelong friends.’

MScMIB Alumni: Mr CHENMr CHEN, Xintai Ben (MScMIB 2017 Graduate)

‘This MScMIB one year study programme allowed us to bond closely with classmates and professors. Fellow students and the Faculty provided a steady stream of support in both academic and daily life. Frequent interaction with international students offered me deeper insights of culture differences. The culture sensitivity definitely will help me adapt to culturally diverse environments in the future.

I believe the Consulting Project experience is the most rewarding part of this Programme. It is a fast track to develop marketing research and analysis skills under a real business setting. If you are looking for an international perspective and professional marketing study, the MScMIB at Lingnan University is the right decision for personal growth and excellence.’

MScMIB Alumni: Ms GONZALEZMs GONZALEZ, Giannina (MScMIB 2015 Graduate)
Media Executive, Red Fuse Communications

‘Lingnan’s strong emphasis toward a multi-disciplinary approach to learning and understanding ideas, theories and cultural differences truly helped me not just learn, but learn to apply what I learned. Such an outlook has followed my work and personal experiences by encouraging me to continue learning and making meaningful connections wherever I go.’


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