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Graduate Sharing

Mr. Jack Hui (2016/17)

Hang Seng Management College, Hong Kong

“This year in Lingnan University is absolutely valuable and unforgettable. From a Bachelor of Accounting to a Master of Finance, Lingnan has given me not only professional knowledge but also real-life experience and lots of happiness. Many of you may be worried about studying in HK or whether you can adapt to the environment, but with the help from the staff and teachers here, I assure that you will have an enjoyable year. Wish you all the best.”


Ms. LIU Lin, Lily (2016/17)

Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, China

“Time passes quickly. This year in Lingnan University is really an unforgettable journey in my life. I still remember how frustrated I was when I first came to Hong Kong, how confused I was in the first lesson, and how difficult to recite all materials. As I am not a graduate from finance major, those jargons and concept are one of my huge obstacles. However, under the professional teaching from professors, extensive helps from peers and my passion in finance, I graduate. I write this, not only to express the gratitude to my dearest teachers, but also encourage all freshmen to pursue their dreams and passion during this year. Studying is not only for the exams but for chasing your dreams.”


Mr. SONG Tiezheng, Mario (2016/17)

Beijing Normal University (Zhuhai), China

“I decided to come to Lingnan University because of its friendly academic environment, the excellent faculty and also the great feedback I had received from Lingnan alumni. Now that I am about to graduate, I have gained an advanced knowledge of finance. The programme has covered a broad range of finance topics while providing the excellent tools to succeed in specific jobs. Everyone on the programme is very enthusiastic and diligent to learn and to work well in group projects, which makes for a really good study environment. The faculty are extremely qualified and genuinely cared about the professional development of students. There have also been providing some networking activities of seminars firm visit, and meeting adversary board members from the programme, which allows students to pursue internship and further job opportunity.”


Mr. Joseph Wong (2016/17)

University of Waterloo, Canada

“Time flies! One year of Master programme at Lingnan University is finally approached the end. At this moment, I would like to express my most sincere and heartfelt thanks to all professors who gave us support throughout the year at Lingnan University.
In here, I would like to take this opportunity to express my greatest thanks to our Programme Director, Professor Joseph Cheng. Prof Cheng has given us the greatest support in academic learnings throughout the year. When students face difficulties, he would always eager to encourage and help students to conquer them. Prof Cheng would always put students into the first priority and his enthusiasm contributed to his teaching has lightened us with confidence. As a Programme Director, Prof Cheng made a lot of efforts to our programme and worked out the best to fit the needs. His kindness and caring to students has deeply touched our heart.

Additionally, the activities hosted by the graduate programmes were fun and unforgettable. The BBQ gathering event hosted in September, the Christmas Party in December, and the day trip to Tap Mun Island in April were exciting and unforgettable. These activities would give us more time for gathering and further developed our friendship with classmates. In the future, no matter where we are and what are doing, these friendships we have been developed during our study periods would last forever and may allow us to expand our personal network!

Lastly, I wish all of our Master students at Lingnan University all the best in the future with their career!”


Ms. FANG Fuhui, Bonnie (2017/18)

Nanjing University of Finance and Economics, China

“This year in MSc in Finance programme is really an unforgettable journey in my life. I not only improved my professional skills more deeply and solidly, but also participated in many activities this year. We visited GF Securities and learnt a lot regarding the IPO. Also, we visited the ICAC and further enrich ourselves with those legal and ethical standards through group discussions. The end here is a new start for me. I believe that in my next stage of my life, what I get from the programme will help me to face future challenges.”


Ms. LIU Ying, Jessie (2017/18)

Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, China

“The one-year MSc in Finance programme is fleeting. At this moment, I can still clearly recall the happiness of receiving the letter of admission. This year in Lingnan University, the programme provides us with a variety of finance courses and sharing seminars, which enable us to acquire a full range of finance knowledge. I am so grateful to meet all these great teachers here. Thanks Professor Joseph Cheng! I will always remember every topic you taught, and remember to be a people with inner peace, sincerity and gratitude. Thanks Sandia and Anna! Thank you for your every kindness reminder, patient answer, and all you done for us. Thanks Jack! Thank you for providing valuable advices in different aspects. Thanks for everyone and everything I met in Lingnan. I hope that everyone who is about to study in MSc in Finance will achieve what you hope.”


Mr. LONG Wenjie, Vincent (2017/18)

Beihang University, China

“I know that there are many students who want to study finance instead of their major of bachelor’s degree. So am I. Applying for this MSc in Finance programme is my first step of converting my major of computer science to finance. Thus, you should consider the following three questions:


Why do you learn finance? You should understand that how huge the impacts of innovation in IT industry made. However, do you understand the mysterious and respectful financial industry? In fact, the meanings of the financial industry is to create value from the transactions of money and money itself. And the term “finance” does not refer to only financial industry itself but also to the entity of financial services. So if you don't want to work grudgingly, you need to focus on the industries that you are really interested in.


How to find your passion in financial industry? Make your choice! I believe that all financial theory tells you one thing: making choices, which also means that you must take responsibility for your choice and practice it as you learn it from class. In the employment market, we must also dare to choose different areas such as insurance, securities or banking? Primary market or the secondary market? Front office or the back office?


What is the key to open the door of success in financial industry? Planning! Working in the financial industry requires a long-term perspective, and it often took three to five years of long-term planning. The longer you make a plan, the more likely to get clarify your direction.


This is a young programme, but also an amazing one. No matter for what reason you come here, you will know better about yourself and find something precious here.”


Mr. WU Rundong, Raven (2017/18)

Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China

“Time flies and now I am about to graduate. What I have gained in MSc in Finance is not only financial expertise, but also positive attitude towards difficulties, the spirit of teamwork and sense of responsibility from those challenging group projects and the harmonious relationship between students and professors. I have been many universities but Lingnan University is the only student-oriented university within my knowledge. Lingnan is just like parents who do everything they can do to help students to grow. Then I want to express my most cordial and sincere thanks to Professor Joseph Cheng, Professor Stan Ho and other professors who opened the gate for me to the financial world. Also, our helpful Teaching Assistant, Jack, who always gives us useful advices on studying and job hunting. This one year life in Lingnan will become part of my sweet and unforgettable memories.”


Ms. XIE Guanqun, Grace (2017/18)

Central University of Finance and Economics, China

“I think the most correct decision I have ever made is applying for Lingnan University. Attached to Hong Kong, the international financial center, Lingnan has innumerable financial resources, which not only help me gain the systematic and professional knowledge, but also broaden my international horizon and let me find a brand new self here. Through internship, practices and forum activities, I learnt cutting edge and practical knowledge and gradually grew into a qualified financial professional. Besides that, during the short one-year MSc in Finance programme in Lingnan, I also got to know lots of warm professors and diligent schoolmates, which inspires me to build my confidence and become a better person. The experience let me know the future always has unlimited possibilities. So, thanks to Lingnan for giving me the opportunity to study here, this is a new start for me, and it is a good beginning of my career.”


Mr. XIE Haituo, Hunter (2017/18)

Beijing Forestry University, China

“This year at Lingnan University, in MSc in Finance programme, my gain was far beyond my expectation. As a student who is not a graduate from finance major, I have had access to the many classical finance theory and chances to participate in the visits to different financial institutions. These are very helpful to my career. But what fascinates me most is how meaningful the professors had taught. I still remember Professor Joseph Cheng said that only the sharpest analysts could see a diamond in a haystack. The professors' inspiration is the one that will benefit me for the rest of my life. This year, every classmates, professors, advisory board members helped and improved me. I sincerely thank the programme for giving me an amazing period in Lingnan!”