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Graduate Sharing

Mr. HUI Sai Kit, Jack (2016/17)

The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

“Lingnan University is, and will always be, the best education provider in my life. When I was studying in Lingnan University, the bondage between students, staff and teachers were so strong that you could feel the warmth and cohesion within programme and no one left behind. Not only once but many times did the members in my programme offer me a helping hand which built my career gradually. It is really lucky for me to grow up in Lingnan University.”


Mr. WONG, Joseph (2016/17)

University of Waterloo, Canada

“Apart from focusing on study, the programme office also hosted different activities for us to build up network with professors and classmates. Those activities gave us more time for gathering and further developed our friendship with classmates. In the future, no matter where we are and what are doing, these friendships we have been developed during our study periods would last forever and may allow us to expand our personal network!”


Mr. WU Rundong, Raven (2017/18)

Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China

“What I have gained in MSc in Finance is not only financial expertise, but also positive attitude towards difficulties, the spirit of teamwork and sense of responsibility from those challenging group projects and the harmonious relationship between students and professors. I have been to many universities before but Lingnan University is the only student-oriented university that make me feel warm. This one year life in Lingnan will become part of my sweet and unforgettable memories.”


Ms. XIE Guanqun, Grace (2017/18)

Central University of Finance and Economics, China

“I think studying in Lingnan University is the best decision I have ever made. In this one-year study, I experienced so much help from great professors and classmates, they gave me well-rounded education and genuine friendship, and inspired me to build confidence and become a better person. The experience also made me understand future is always includes possibilities and challenges. I would like to express my gratitude to Lingnan University for giving me the opportunity to study and grow.”


Mr. WEI Jin, Wayne (2020/21)

Beijing Normal University Zhuhai, China

“Looking back to the journey I studied in Lingnan University, I have learned lots of professional knowledge in Finance area. Whenever I encountered any academic difficulties, professors and instructors are very passionate and enthusiastic to help. I received so much support from professors and classmates, and the relationship that we built up in this one year study life is non replaceable. I think studying in Lingnan University is the best decision that I have ever made!”


Mr. XIA Yu, Shaldon (2020/21)

Sichuan University, China

“The MSc in Finance Programme at Lingnan University is very useful to me, especially I didn’t get much Finance related knowledge before. The programme offers pre-entry course for students who dont have Finance background, it can definitely strengthen my basic knowledge and easier for me to catch up in classes. The experiences I got in Lingnan University is truly unforgettable and memorable!”


Mr. PAN Hanfeng, Eden (2022/23)

Shenzhen University, China

“'Lingnan University has given me a new study and learning experience. I had many chances to communicate with professors from different backgrounds around the world, which could further strengthen our communication skills. Besides, the programme office often organized guest lectures and seminars for us to learn more comprehensive knowledge about Finance, it helped us got more understanding towards the industry. I think Lingnan University has given us a wide range of resources to fully equip ourselves into succeed!'”