Sweatshirt – Lingnan

Lingnan Sweatshirt


 Rose Red         White

Sweatshirt – Lingnan
$120  $60

  • Warm but light-weighted cloth
  • Slim-fit cutting; Unisex
  • Material: 100% cotton french terry cloth
  • Packing: Plastic bag
  • Machine wash

Size Size Guide

Rose Red Colour:
 Size (± 1.5cm)XSSML
Size Guide
Shoulder (cm)No shoulder line design
Chest (cm)46495254
Length (cm)57606264


White Colour:
 Size (± 2 cm)XSSMSXL2XL
Size Guide
Chest (cm)485154576063
Length (cm)636669727577

Product Photos Product Photos

Model shot


product shot


Model shot

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Rose Red


Model shot


Rose Red product shot
Slimmer cutting with shorter clothes length; Design silk-screen print on the front


Rose Red product shot
Special raglan sleeves; French terry cloth


Rose Red product shot
Special rose red compared to vibrant red hoodie.





Model shot


White product shot
Simplistic design with unisex cutting


White product shot
French terry cloth


White product shot
Smooth silk-screened print on the front