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Lingnan University joining hands with secondary schools in promoting Gerontech education boosts the elderly care sector

29 Sep 2021

Lingnan University joining hands with secondary schools in promoting Gerontech education boosts the elderly care sector

Lingnan University (LU) has launched a series of educational activities on Gerontechnology to respond to the challenges of an ageing population in Hong Kong society and the initiative of Ageing in Place since 2019. Gerontechnology combines elderly services with innovative technologies, which helps enhance the quality of life of older adults and reduce the burden and stress of care service staff and caregivers.LU has been dedicated to the promotion of Gerontechnology and support of smart ageing Socialpreneurship development.


嶺南大學與中學攜手推動樂齡科技教育 為安老服務注入新動力

Picture 1: Sharing from Prof. Mok, Vice Principal of LU

Funded by the Quality Education Fund, Lingnan University is now collaborating with the eight secondary schools for a two-year project – ‘Gerontechnology 360° Education’(the project) since August 2021. This project aims to offer a three-phase Life-wide experiential learning experience to secondary school students. They will be trained up as community leaders and equipped with Gerontechnology knowledge and practice. Through cross-sectoral collaboration, LU believes that this project can promote Gerontechnology and Smart Ageing development on their campuses. Besides, this project with emphasis on intergeneration collaboration aims to promote Values Education of young people and inspire them to rethink the relationship between Gerontechnology and intergenerational solidarity.


LU hosted an online kick-off event for the project on 29-Sept 2021 and facilitated idea exchange among the eight secondary schools. Prof. Mok, vice principal of LU, mentioned that the project could nurture young people with three main characteristics, including (1) to build empathy to promote an age-friendly city through values education; (2) to develop their creativity by use of Gerontechnology knowledge and practice; (3) to make use of their insight to develop relevant skills sets for the future career.


嶺南大學與中學攜手推動樂齡科技教育 為安老服務注入新動力

Picture 2: online photo with the eight secondary school teams

It’s an honor that LU has invited the eight secondary school teams (the list below) to participate in this project. The school representatives emphasized on combining the project element with the ‘teaching and learning’ framework, by connecting this project with the course curriculum. For instance, ‘Health Management and Social Care’, volunteer services, STEM, ‘Information and Communication Technology’, etc. By adopting the experiential learning framework, students are encouraged to have more interaction with older adults. They can also apply what they have learned in the classroom setting into responding to the community needs with Design Thinking. One Gerontech ambassador was invited to share her experience interacting with students and her views towards intergenerational harmony.


嶺南大學與中學攜手推動樂齡科技教育 為安老服務注入新動力 嶺南大學與中學攜手推動樂齡科技教育 為安老服務注入新動力 嶺南大學與中學攜手推動樂齡科技教育 為安老服務注入新動力

Picture 3-5: Expectations towards the project shared by the principals


Given that there has been a rapidly ageing population in Hong Kong, this project becomes a pioneer among universities to launch an educational project about Gerontechnology for secondary school students. To provide a wide variety of experiential learning opportunities and training sessions, this project allows participants to be prepared for the ageing challenge and explore opportunities in the elderly care sector. The “LU Jockey Club Gerontech-X Lab” is built at the LU campus to display gerontech products and open to the public in early October. Gerontech Ambassadors will introduce various Gerontech products and bring a hands-on experience to visitors.   If you have any enquiries  regarding the ‘Gerontechnology 360° Education’project, please contact Ms. CHAN, Education Officer from the Institute of Policy Studies, at 2616-7540.


Ming Pao Report


Name list of eight secondary schools collaborated


中學名單 (排名不分先後)

「樂齡科技360°專才培育計劃」線上啟動活動 學校代表

浸信會永隆中學 (屯門)

Baptist Wing Lung Secondary School (Tuen Mun)


仁濟醫院第二中學 (屯門)

Yan Chai Hospital No.2 Secondary School (Tuen Mun)


香港聖公會何明華會督中學 (觀塘)

HKSKH Bishop Hall Secondary School (Kwun Tong)


嶺南鍾榮光博士紀念中學 (葵涌)

Lingnan Dr. Chung Wing Kwong Memorial Secondary School (Kwai Chung)


天主教慈幼會伍少梅中學 (葵涌)

Salesians of Don Bosco Ng Siu Mui Secondary School (Kwai Chung)


青年會書院 (沙田)

Chinese Y.M.C.A. College (Sha Tin)


荃灣聖芳濟中學 (荃灣)

Saint Francis Xavier's School Tsuen Wan (Tsuen Wan)


中華基督教會譚李麗芬紀念中學 (屯門)

Church of Christ in China (CCC) Tam Lee Lai Fun Memorial Secondary School (Tuen Mun)