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Aims and objectives

The MAIA programme aims to:

  • design around a series of courses that cover both fundamental theoretical underpinnings as well as detailed analysis of important international and Asia Pacific issues;
  • provide students with a deeper understanding of international and regional affairs, helping students in upgrading their professional abilities and equipping necessary conceptual tools to comprehend the rapidly-changing global and regional forces that shape our world;
  • provide advance training for students to strengthen their analytical abilities, help them develop the capacity to conduct original research, and bolster their presentation, debating and writing skills;
  • broaden students’ horizons and enhance their learning experiences from the programme;

On completing the MAIA programme, students will be able to:

  • understand and apply theories, methods, concepts and background knowledge in political science, particularly in international relations and comparative politics to the study of current issues and affairs;
  • describe and explain the motives and actions of key state and non-state actors in shaping contemporary world politics and domestic and foreign policies of countries;
  • critically synthesize and evaluate media or official reports, governmental and non-governmental policy statements, and academic literature on international politics and policymaking in contemplating solutions to problems;
  • comprehend and exercise our rights and duties as responsible national and global citizens in enhancing peace, stability, prosperity and welfare.