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Course Offerings

For the general information about all courses offered by the Department of Political Science, please click on the courses: Political Science (POL) and Social Sciences (SSC).

    Second Term, 2021-2022


CCC8012 The Making of Hong Kong

CLC9014 Hong Kong Civil Service

CLE9004 Greater China: Identity and Interdependence

CLE9014 Ethnicity and Nationalism

CLE9015 Rethinking Global Issues

CLE9024 Democracy versus Dictatorship

POL2101 Introduction to Political Science

POL3106 Small States in World Politics

POL3205 Global Governance

POL3210 Comparative Politics

POL3214 Government and Politics of Hong Kong

POL3217 Modern Political Ideologies

POL4003 Comparative Judicial Politics

POL4004 Elections, Party Competition and Electioneering

POL4319 International Politics of Northeast Asia

SSC3213 Political Psychology and Behaviour

SSC3218 Environment and Society in Hong Kong

SSC3319 Junior Research Project

SSC4319 Senior Thesis