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Research Interest

This list contains information of our faculty members' current research interests. You may find further information of individual member by clicking on their name.

  Chu Pok Politics of sport

Politics and international relations of China

  Chung Chien Peng Politics and history of China

Chinese and Asian foreign and security relations

Dynamics of political change in Asia

Domestic-international nexus of diplomatic bargaining

Ethnicity and nationalism

Kwok Chi Political economy

Corporate power

Gig economy

Workplace justice

Theories of social and economic justice

  Li Lianjiang

Chinese Politics

Comparative Politics

Contentious Politics

Political Trust

Computational Social Science

  Li Pang Kwong Voting behaviour and elections

Legislative studies

Politics of budgeting

Public choice and politics

Hong Kong politics


Shalendra Sharma


Internaltional relations

International political economy


International organisations

American politics and post-war US foreign policy

Comparative politics of South Asia

Economics, politics and society in Asia with focus on South Asia

  Tam Wai Keung
Comparative Politics

Law and Society

Public Policy

Political Economy of Development

Chinese Politics

Hong Kong Politics

  Wan Kin Man

Comparative politics

Political institutions



Public opinion


  Wu Zeying, Zena

Political economy of East Asian countries (particularly, China and Japan)

International trade

Technology cooperation

  Yang Kai

Comparative politics/China

Ppublic opinion and political behaviors

Stability maintenance

Mmachine learning approach

  Yang Shen, Terry Comparative Politics

Contentious Politics


  Yang Xiangfeng

Chinese Politics

Comparative Politics

International Relations of East Asia

American Politics and Foreign Policy

  Zhang Baohui Chinese Politics

International Relations of East Asia