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This list contains information of past PhD/MPhil theses:

Year Graduate Supervisor(s) MPhil/PhD
2022 XIA Shouzhi Shalendra Sharma/
Zhang Dong
PhD Entertainment Media, Propaganda and Popular Support: Evidence from China
2022 HO Pat Shu Roy Zhang Baohui/
Tam Wai-keung

Democratization by Foreign Intervention: How Different Causes of Intervention Affect the Outcome of Democratization?

2022 PONG Cheuk Ling Zhang Baohui/
Tam Wai-keung
MPhil China's Rise and Technology Denials: A Study of Variations in Allies' Cooperation with the United States
2021 HAMMAD Mateena

Chung Chien-peng/
Chu Pok

MPhil Security Imperative of the Belt and Road Initiative: A comparative study of Malaysia and Pakistan
2019 NG Ka Chun

Tam Wai-keung/
Li Pang-kwong

MPhil Measuring Mediated Deliberation in Hong Kong Newspapers: Case Studies of the Hong Kong Section of the Express Rail Link and the Hong Kong International Airport Three-Runway System Construction Projects
2019 SUN Lu Chung Chien-peng/
Zhang Baohui
MPhil Trust Building in International Relations – A Case Study of U.S.-North Korea Relations in the Bill Clinton and George W. Bush Administrations
2018 MAN Hok Yin Li Pang-kwong/
Chan Che-po
MPhil A Re-examination of the Governor's Autonomy: Three Selected Case Studies during the Sino-British Talks over Hong Kong's Future, from 1982 to 1985
2018 SHEN Xinyi Zhang Baohui/
Chung Chien-peng
MPhil State Capacity and Naval Buildup: The Sino-Japanese Divergence in the Late Nineteenth Century
2017 ÅBERG John Hugo Simon Zhang Baohui/
Chung Chien-peng
PhD US-China Positional Competition and the Struggle for Leadership in Asia-Pacific – Status, Revisionism, and Great Power Strategy
2016 HODZI Obert Chung Chien-peng/
Zhang Baohui
PhD Rising Powers and Foreign Intrastate Armed Conflicts: Trends and Patterns of China's Intervention in African Civil Wars
2016 MAVHIKI HODZI Ruvimbo Natalie Shalendra Sharma/
Chung Chien-peng
MPhil Does Democracy Promotion Promote Democracy: The Zimbabwean Case
2016 YEUNG Man Kwong Zhang Baohui/
Shalendra Sharma
MPhil Balancing Versus Bandwagoning: The Strategic Dilemma of Australia's China Policy
2015 WONG Ngai Chiu Tam Wai-keung/
Chan Che-po
MPhil Newspaper Portrayal and Legislative Voting Process: A Case Study of Statutory Minimum Wage in Hong Kong
2015 YU Peiji Wong Yiu-chung/
Chan Che-po
MPhil Political Reunification with Taiwan: Perspectives from the Leadership, Intellectuals and the General Public in Mainland China


CHAN Kwun Hong Tam Wai-keung/
Wong Yiu-chung
MPhil The Emergence of Civil Disobedience Movements in Hong Kong


CHAN Hin Yeung Wong Yiu-chung/
Chan Che-po
PhD The Politics of Crisis Management in Post-1997 Hong Kong : A State-society Interactive Framework
2013 Filip VISKUPIC Brian Bridges/
Chan Che Po
MPhil Japan as China's 'Other': China's Identity and Policy towards the Diaoyu/Senkaku Islands
2012 WU Zeying
Brian Bridges/
Chung Chien-peng
MPhil The Impacts of Patriotic Education (in Schools) on Chinese Youth's Perceptions of Japan
2011 CHAU Wun Liong
Brian Bridges/
Zhang Baohui
MPhil Alliance Management of Post-Cold War US-Israeli Relations
2010 WONG Miu Fai
Chung Chien-peng/
Wong Yiu Chung
MPhil Fragmented Authoritarianism and Politics of Hydropower in China - Case Study of TGP & NRP
2009 LEE Yu Pan Paul Harris/
Brian Bridges
MPhil The Security Dilemma in Sino-Japanese Relations
2009 YUEN Cheong Wai Paul Harris/
Zhang Baohui
MPhil America New China Policy and the Role of India in Sino-U.S. Relations
2008 XU Zhendong Chan Che Po/
Chung Chien-peng
MPhil Party Controls in the National Central University and  Nanjing University before and after 1949
2005 TANG Suk On, Fiona Brian Bridges /
Chan Che Po
MPhil Japan: Regime Change in the 'Lost Decade'
2004 LAU Wun Yin, Wilson

Brian Bridges /
Peter Baehr

MPhil Terrorism - A New Threat for Indonesia?  An Analysis on the National Security of Indonesia in the Post-Suharto Period
2002 WONG Hon Yui, Eric Brian Bridges /
Chan Che Po
MPhil Sino-American Strategic Relations : A Perceptual-Psychological Approach