Conference Name


Water Management and Politics in the Arid Regions of China, Central Eurasia and the Middle East
(16th-20th centuries)
26-28 May 2016
Among Empires: The British Empire in Global Imperial Context 27-29 May 2015


8-9 December 2012

Politics, Institutions, Education, Society, Military, Economy, Culture, art and literature: Hong Kong Postgraduate Students' Conference on Middle Period China

25 May 2012

Media, Politics, Society, Culture, Business: Hong Kong Postgraduate Students' Conference on Media

17 September 2011

Empire State of Mind: Articulations of British Culture in the Empire, 1707-1997

25-27 May 2011


Seminar Name


Trace on Tibet-Myanmar, Connecting Link of Ancient China's Trade Road and Recent Relations

17 March 2017

The Place of the 'Expatriate Businessman' in the Shifting British Community in Hong Kong, 1980-2000

27 February 2017

American Medical Missionaries in Guangzhou, 1835-1935

27 October 2016
Pardon and Parole in New York from the Revolution to the Depression 14 April 2016
Freedom Planned: Enterprise Zones, Special Economic Zones and the Neoliberal City 5 October 2015
Water Management in 1960s Hong Kong 21 September 2015


動態中的和諧: 寧夏回族與漢族的關係 2015年3月30日
People in Shadow of Empire Bordering. New Evenki Transborder Nationalism in North-Eastern Asia 22 October 2014
"The Free Flow of Information": Media, Human Rights, and U.S. Global Power, 1945-1980 18 February 2014
Writing the History of a Multicultural City: Vilna-Wilno-Vilnius 1795-2000 9 December 2013
China: Its Environment and History 6 November 2013
British Anti-Communism Versus Communist Anti-Colonialism: The Origins of the Cold War Youth Race 23 October 2013
Honour-based Violence and the history of Emotions: A Prospectus 23 April 2013
Transnational History and the American Nation: The 'America and the World' Movement 19 March 2013
Clerks, Crooks and Combatants: The Untold Stories of British Non-Elites in Occupied Egypt, 1882-1922 6 March 2013
Hollywood and its Foreign Markets in the Studio Era: A Fresh Look at the Evidence 28 November 2012
「從出土資料看唐宋女性生活」講者: 北京大學鄧小南教授 11 November 2011
"Paris Under Water: How the City of Light Survived the Great Flood of 1910" 10 October 2011