Bachelor of Arts (Honours)





The degree aims to provide a challenging bilingual education which will enable students:
1.  to develop a better understanding of historical change and development;
2.  to develop their capacity to interpret the thought and actions of historical figures and trends;
3.  to develop analytical skills in order to evaluate historical developments, to understand

current issues, and to make decisions;

4. to enhance judgment and maturity as professionals.



Upon successful completion of this degree programme, students should be better able to:
1. think critically, analyse problems, organise, and communicate effectively;
2. engage in critical analysis, independent study, and in-depth research;
3. enter any profession that values these important transferable skills;
4. pursue further study in the discipline of History or other disciplines in the arts, humanities and social sciences



Upon successful completion of this programme, students will be able to:

  1. emonstrate an understanding of key events and processes in World and Chinese History;
  2. formulate analytical historical questions;
  3. articulate compelling arguments;
  4. use relevant evidence, citing it properly;
  5. evaluate and analyse secondary sources;
  6. evaluate and analyse primary sources;
  7. effectively structure a written text;
  8. write proficiently in English;
  9. speak effectively in English.



As Hong Kong continues to evolve into a service and knowledge-based economy and society, History graduates have come to play an ever more important role.  Graduates have found meaningful employment in such wide-ranging fields as government, business, media, and education.  History graduates from Lingnan can expect to develop their abilities to think critically, conduct in-depth research, analyse problems, organize materials, and communicate effectively.  They also will be trained in a way that encourages flexibility, and this ability to adapt to the future with an eye on the past positions them well in the Hong Kong job market.  Increasingly, Hong Kong employers have come to realize that these are the very skills needed for many of their positions.  As Hong Kong and the Chinese Mainland continue to develop more intensive knowledge-based societies and economies, this demand for properly educated History graduates will increase.



Most courses will be taught in English, with only a few selected Chinese history courses taught in Chinese.


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