The Liberal Art University in Hong Kong
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LAU, Chi-pang (劉智鵬)
Professor, Department of History
Co-ordinator, Hong Kong & South China Historical Research Programme

Tel.: (852) 2616-7483
Fax.: (852) 2467-7478

Academic & Professional Qualifications

PhD (History), University of Washington 2000
MPhil (Chinese Intellectual History), The University of Hong Kong 1987
BA (Chinese History & Japanese), The University of Hong Kong 1984


Areas of Interest

Hong Kong History, Ming and Qing China, Modern China, Chinese Intellectual History.


  • Books
  • Articles
  • Book Review
  • Research


- 危情百日:沙士中的廣華 (SARS and Kwong Wah Hospital), Chung Hwa Book Company, Jul-2013
- 香港華人菁英的冒起( The rise of Chinese elites in Hong Kong), Chung Hwa Book Company, Apr-2013
- 僑通天下 — 陳有慶傳 (A biography of Dr. Robin Chan [Mr. Bernard Chan's father]), Chung Hwa Book Company, Dec-2012
- 屯門 (History of Tuen Mun), Joint Publishing (Hong Kong) Company Ltd, Jul-2012
- 侯寶璋家族史 - 增訂版 (A Family History of Prof. Hou Po Chang - revised and enlarged version), Peace Book Company Limited, Jul-2012
- 香港早期華人菁英 (Chinese elites in the early years of Hong Kong), Chung Hwa Book Company, Nov-2011
- 香港達德學院:中國知識份子的追求與名運 (A Study of Hong Kong Ta Teh Institute), Hong Kong: Chung Hwa Book Company, Oct-2011
- 西學東漸第一人:利瑪竇在中國 (Matteo Ricci in China 1582-1610), Hong Kong: Cosmos Book Company Ltd, Jul-2010
- 我們都在蘇屋邨長大:-香港人公屋生活的集體回憶 (So Uk Estate: A Case Study of the History of Public Housing in Hong Kong), Hong Kong: Chung Hwa Book Company, Jul-2010
- 潮起潮落:中英街記憶 (Collected Memory of Chung Ying Street), Hong Kong: Peace Book Company Ltd, Jul-2010
- 吞聲忍語:日治時期香港人的集體回憶 (Daily Life of Hong Kong during the Japanese Occupation), Hong Kong: Chung Hwa Book Company, May-2009
- 侯寶璋家族史 (A Family History of Prof. Hou Po Chang), Hong Kong: Peace Book Company Ltd, May-2009
- 屯門風物志 (Heritage of Tuen Mun), Hong Kong: Tuen Mun District Council, Jul-2007

-屯門歷史與文化 (Tuen Mun: History and Culture), Hong Kong: Tuen Mun District Council, Apr-2007



Lau, Chi-pang (2013). 香港史研究的現狀、功用與設想 (The Study of Hong Kong History: Present Situation, Uses, and Prospects), 港澳研究 Hong Kong and Macao Journal.

Lau, Chi-pang (2012). 新安縣全圖(1866)中的新界村莊(New Territories villages in the Map of Xinan County, 1866), Bulletin of Ming Qing Studies.

Lau, Chi-pang (2008). 方志學的現代理念與應用 (Modern theory and practice of the study of local records), 華學.

Lau, Chi-pang.  “Qingchu qianjie yu Tunmen diqu de fazhan” 清初遷界與屯門地區的發展 (Early Qing coastal evacuation and the development of Tuen Mun), in C. Y. Sin ed. Ming Qing xueshu lunji 明清學術論集. Hong Kong: Department of Chinese, University of Hong Kong.

Lau, Chi-pang (2005). “Fei Mi (1625-1701) yu Qingdai jingdian quanshi de lunzheng”
費密與清代經典詮釋的論爭 (Fei Mi and the controversy of the interpretation of Confucian Classics in the Qing period), in Cheng Kat-hung ed. Dongya shiyu zhong de jinshi ruxue wenxian yu sixiang 東亞視域中的近世儒學文獻與思想.  Taipei: National Taiwan University Press.

Lau, Chi-pang (2004).  “Difangzhi shi ming”
地方志釋名 (On the title of local records). Chinese Local Records, vol. 146 (September 2004), p.12-13.

Lau, Chi-pang and Liu Shuyong (2004), “Bianxiu Xianggang difangzhi de jidian kanfa yu jianyi”
編修香港地方志的幾點看法與建議(Some thoughts and suggestions on the compilation of Hong Kong Local Records). Chinese Local Records, vol. 143 (June 2004), p. 4-5.

Lau, Chi-pang (2004).  “Fei Mi zhushu kao”
費密著述考 (On Fei Mi’s writings). Journal of Sichuan Normal University, vol.31, no.6.

Lau, Chi-pang (2000). "Hsu Heng's (1209-1281) Role in the Development of Chinese Institution and Culture under the Mongol Rule". PhD dissertation, University of Washington.

Lau, Chi-pang (1992). "Kuan-yu Fei Yen-feng shen-shang nien-p'u ti tso-tse" (in Chinese). Journal of Sichuan University, 3:112.

Lau, Chi-pang (1987). "Huang Tze-lai ch'eng-tsai Ch'eng-tu shih-shih Fei Mi shou tse-i" (in Chinese). Chung-kuo-shih yen-chiu, 3: 138.

Book Review:

“David Gedalecia, The Philosophy of Wu Ch’eng: A Neo-Confucian of the Yüan Dynasty (Bloomington: Indiana University Research Institute for Inner Asian Studies, 1999)”, in The Journal of Asian Studies, vol.62:2 (May 2003), p.587-588.


Lau, Chi-pang and Liu, Shuyong (on-going).  "A Heritage Study of Tsing Shan Monastery."  Research project funded by The Charitable Trust of Tsing Shan Monastery.

Lau, Chi-pang (on-going).  "A Study of Historical and Cultural Heritage of Tuen Mun."  Research project funded by Tuen Mun District Council.

Lau, Chi-pang (on-going).  "Annals of Hong Kong."  Qing History project commissioned by The National Committee for the Compilation of Qing History.

Lau, Chi-pang (2004).  “Tung Wah Group Hospitals’ Coffin Home.”  Research project funded by the TWGHs.

Lau, Chi-pang (27-29 April 2001). "Yang Shi-qi and the Politics in the Reign of Xuan-de" (in Chinese). Paper presented at the International Conference on the History of the Ming-Qin Period in Celebration of the 90th Anniversary of the University of Hong Kong organized by The University of Hong Kong.

Lau, Chi-pang and Wong, Wan-man (30 June 2000). "A Pilot Study on the Impact of Hostel Environment on Students Experiences of Learning". Research project funded by Arts Programme Research Fund, Lingnan University.

Lau, Chi-pang (30 October 1999). "Errors and Fallacies in the Writing of Secondary School Chinese History Text-Book" (in Chinese). Paper presented at the Conference on Education Reform in Chinese Communities organized by Hong Kong Baptist University and Hong Kong Institute of Education.

Lau, Chi-pang and Wong, Wan-man (1998). "The Birth of the Student Hostel: Whole-Person Education at the Formative Stage". Paper presented at The Sixth Asia Pacific Conference on Student Affairs organized by Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

Lau, Chi-pang (1998). "T'an Ssu-t'ung's (1865-1898) View of Modernity" (in Chinese). Paper presented at the International Conference in Commemoration of The Centennial Anniversary of the Hundred Days Reform organized by Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Lau, Chi-pang (1995). "Government Policy in Late Transitional Period: A Case Study on Occupational Retirement Schemes Ordinance" (in Chinese). Paper presented at 3rd General Education Annual Conference organized by Lingnan College.