LIU, William Guanglin (劉光臨)

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Academic & Professional Qualifications

Ph. D in History, Harvard University, 2005
M.A. in History, Peking University, 1993
B.A. in History, Peking University, 1990

Areas of Interest

The Political Economy of Late Imperial China
Pre-modern Chinese Economic History
Chinese Military History
Neo-Confucianism and the Market Economy in Historical Perspective


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I. Journal Papers & Book Chapters in recent years
1. <制度與數據之間:宋元明之際兩稅的去貨幣化進程--以溫州樂清為例> [The demonetization in the collection of land taxes during the Song-Yuan-Ming transition: a case study of Wenzhou],《歷史文獻研究》Lishi Wenxian Yanjiu (Shangahi:Zhongguo lishiwenxian yanjiuhui),No.1 (2017).

2.  'The Making of a Fiscal State in Song China, 960-1279,' Economic History Review, Vol. 68, Issue 1 (Feb. 2015), 48-78.

3. 'Market Integration in China, AD 960-1644', in A History of Market Performance from Ancient Babylonia to the Modern World, edited by R. J. van der Spek, B. van Leeuwen, and J. L. Zanden, Routledge (August 2014), 308-338.

4. <傳統中國如何對流通商品徵稅—關於宋代和晚清商稅徵收的比較研究> [How to Tax Commerce in Pre-industrial China], 《臺大歷史學報》The Historical Inquiry,Vol. 52, December 2013, 145-249.

5. 'Long-distance Trade and Water Transports in China, 1000-1800,' in多元視角下的封建主義:慶賀馬克垚先生80華誕學術論文集[Feudalism in Multiple Perspectives, A Collection of Papers in Celebration for Professor Keyao Ma's 80th anniversary], Beijing: Zhongguo shehuikexue wenxian chubanshe (May 2013), 446-485.

6. 'Agricultural Productivity in early modern Jiangnan,' in The Economy of Lower Yangzi delta in Late Imperial China, edited by Billy K. L. So, Routledge (Academia Sinica Series, 2013), 99-117.

7. 'Long-term changes in prices, wages and the size of the monetary economy in pre-industrial China, 1000-1770,' in 遺大投艱集:紀念梁方仲教授誕辰一百周年 [Yida toujian ji: A collection of papers in honorary of Liang Fangzhong], Guangzhou: Guangdong renmin (Dec 2012), 437-99.
8. <嶺南州府宋元明之際兩稅徵收的比較研究--以連州、廣州、潮州、惠州為例>[Evolution in the land taxes in Guangdong during the Song-Yuan-Ming transition], 《北大史學》Clio at Beida, No. 17 (December 2012), 68-105(Beijing:Beijing daxue chubanshe).

9. <嘉靖朝抗倭战争和一条鞭法的展开>[The Cause of the Single-whip Reform in the late Sixteenth Century], co-authored with Liu Hongling刘洪铃,《明清論叢》[A collection of essays on the Ming and Qing dynasties], No. 12 (June 2012), 113-148(Beijing:Gugong chubanshe).

10. <銀進錢退與明代貨幣流通體制>[Counterfeiting and the circulation of money in the Chinese economy, 1450-1600], 《河北大學學報》人文社會科學版[Journal of Hebei University, Philosophy & Social Sciences], Vol. 36, No. 2(2011), 24-32.
6. Song China's Water Transport Revolution Revisited: A Study of the 1077 Commercial Tax Data, Pacific Economic Review, Volume 17, No. 1 (2012), 57-85.

11. <明代通貨問題研究—對明代貨幣經濟規模和結構的初步估計>[An Estimate of Money Stock in the Ming Era], 《中國經濟史研究》[Researches in Chinese Economic History], Issue 1 (March 15, 2011), 72-83.

12. á回歸傳統—歷史學視野中的資本主義ñ [Writing Capitalism in Modern Historiography]. 《清華大學學報》人文社會科學版[Journal of Tsinghua University, Philosophy & Social Sciences], No.1 (January 2010), 14-26.

13. <宋明間國民收入長期變動之蠡測>[Estimation of Song and Ming China's National Incomes], 《清華大學學報》人文社會科學版[Journal of Tsinghua University, Philosophy & Social Sciences], Issue 3 (2009), 7-11.
The full text is reprinted by Xinhua wenzhai, 17 (2009), pp. 60-63. 《新華文摘》全文轉載, 17 (2009),  60-63;另外以"11—16世纪国民收入的长期变动与宋明之变"為題目在《中国社会科学文摘》轉載(中國社會科學雜誌社主辦,2009年 第10期 总第70期 10月1日出版 )

14. <市場、戰爭和財政國家—对南宋賦稅問題的再思考>[ Warfare, Markets and the Fiscal State: a reconsideration of Southern Song Taxation and finance], 《臺大歷史學報》The Historical Inquiry,Vol. 42 (December 2008), 221-285.


IIBook Publications     

1. The Chinese Market Economy, 1000-1500 (Albany: the State University of New York Press, August 2015)

2. Wrestling for Power, the changing relationship between the state and the market economy, 1000-1500 (Hong Kong: the Chinese University Press, forthcoming)

3. Government Finance, ca. 980-1368, a monograph for the series of The Quantitative Economic History of China, ca. 960-1912 (to be published by Leiden: Brill; still in progress and the manuscript to be submitted on 1 May 2017)



  1. "The Song military state," presented at Panel "Chinese public finance: from military-fiscal state through the issues of common pool resources and foreign trade taxation to the emergence of public debt", the XVIIth World Economic History Congress, 3 August 2015, Kyoto, Japan.
  2.  "Was the Song state set to fail: travel with Robert Hartwell in early modern Europe and Song China", presented at the Conference on Middle Period China: 800-1400", 7 June 2014, Harvard University, USA.
  3.  "Changes in China's agricultural productivity, 1000-1600", presented at Panel "Accounting for the Great Divergence", the XVIth World Economic History Congress, 10 July 2012, Stenllbosch, South Africa.
  4. "The nature of Chinese economic data in Song and Ming eras", presented at Panel "Chinese economic performance since 1500: facts and data", the XVIth World Economic History Congress, 13 July 2012, Stenllbosch, South Africa.
  5. "A re-examination of the debate on agricultural productivity in Jiangnan," International Symposium on the Market Economy of the Lower Yangzi Delta in Late Imperial China: Space, Institutions and Networks, held on October 5-6, 2009, Academia Sinica, Nankang, Taipei.
  6. "Warfare, public debts and capitalism:a financial study of the military defense in Sichuan, 1125-1275", presented at the panel "The Sinew of Power: Capital, Trade and Gunpowder in East and Southeast Asia, 1100-1644", The 2009 AAS Conference at Chicago, March 26-29, 2009
  7. "The nexus of power: warfare, market, and state formation in late imperial China, 1000-1600" presented at Panel "War and Economic History: A Global Perspective of the Centuries before World War I", the XVth World Economic History Congress, 4 August 2009, Utrecht.
  8. á明代货币经济质疑ñ [A Discussion on the monetary size of the Ming economy]. 「纪念梁方仲教授诞辰100周年中国经济史研究国际学术研讨会」(广州:中国经济史学会、清华大学历史学系和中山大学历史系合办,2008年11月20-21日)
  9. á陈寅恪与德国历史主义思想关系之探讨—兼论何以是日本学者首先提出宋代近世说ñ [A Discussion on relationship between Chen Yinke's writings and the thoughts of the German Historical School]. International Conference on New Perceptions in Song History宋史研究新视野研讨会, Guangzhou, Sun Yat-sen University, 08-09 March 2008.
  10. <北宋商税征收的比较研究>[A Comparative Study of the 1077 Song Commercial Taxes], "唐宋时期的文书传递与信息沟通"国际学术工作坊,北京大学中国中古史中心, 28 September 2007.
  11. "Exploration of Long-term changes in money supply, prices, and the size of the monetary economy in China: 1000-1600." Economic History Department, London School of Economics, 8 August 2007.
  12. "Long-term Changes in prices, wages, and the size of the monetary economy in pre-industrial China, 1000-1770."  Harvard-Yenching Conference, 2-4 June 2006.


Research Project:

Wrestling for power (a book manuscript)                                   2007-2008      
As PI, HKUST RGC       Direct Allocation Grant

Global prices and incomes, Asia-focusing 2nd stage                   2007-2009
As CI, The National Science Foundation

Global prices and incomes, Asia-focusing 3rd stage                   2009-2011
As CI, The National Science Foundation

The Study of Siege Wars in Sichuan, 1100-1279                       2010-2011    
As PI, RGC General Research Fund

How did the local government work in pre-industrial times:        2014-2016
Collection and analysis of the financial data
for Chinese local administrations, 1150-1550
As PI, RGC General Research Fund