The 2018 Academy of International Business (AIB) Southeast Asia Regional Conference is organized by AIBSEAR during 6-8 December 2018, in Hong Kong. In particular this year, it will be co-organized by Lingnan University as a tribute to Lingnan University 50th Anniversary of reestablishment in Hong Kong. The theme of the 2018 AIBSEAR Hong Kong Conference is “Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Emerging Markets”.

New concepts of business inspired by innovations and led by entrepreneurs are changing the world and our lives. The implications are crucial for the emerging market economies, where tremendous growth and opportunity reside. Entrepreneurship and innovation are seen as an integral part of a solution to many challenges facing countries in the region, including providing employment opportunities, spurring economic activities, improving environmental practices, upgrading the industries, and propelling economic growth and prosperity to avoid the “middle income trap.” These changes may also lead to the breakdown of traditional business models, disappearance of old professions and emergence of new ones.  For both local firms and multinationals, entrepreneurship and innovation in emerging markets are no longer just a matter of inspiring employee ingenuity and adapting global products for local budgets and tastes. Increasingly they involve enhancing the sense of ownership, productivity, and R&D activities with an international impact – the development of goods and services for the global markets. Beyond privatization and liberalization, for entrepreneurship and innovation to truly act as a catalyst for further economy growth, it requires radical changes in government policies, the mindset of business leaders, and the pedagogy of educational institutions, before emerging markets can inspire as well as benefit from entrepreneurial activities s and innovations. To shed light on these critical issues, we particularly welcome studies about the forces and drivers that shape entrepreneurship and innovation in emerging markets, theoretical and empirical papers, as well as case studies, along with the outlooks for this region and beyond.

We invite papers for presentation related to the conference theme from scholars, business executives, professionals, and public policy makers. Every paper submitted should have a global/international orientation and must be scholarly in content. We welcome conceptual, theoretical and empirical papers, using qualitative and/or quantitative methodologies. Manuscripts submitted must be complete papers.

Accepted full papers will be published in the Conference Proceedings. We plan to have the Proceedings published online and indexed by ISI. and/or CPCI (Thomsonreuters).


Awards will be conferred at the conference (Awarded papers must be presented at the conference).