The Liberal Art University in Hong Kong
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Director's Message


As the research arm of the Faculty of Business, HKIBS aims to stimulate and support the research of the Faculty and contribute to knowledge development and transfer driven by innovative research. The Institute initiates and facilitates research projects, provides support to staff members in their research efforts, and pursues research and knowledge transfer activities that are consistent with the mission and objectives of the University.

Strategic objectives of HKIBS:

  • To serve as a research resource centre for the Faculty of Business. The Institute aims at consolidating resources from various sources to support the research programmes in the Faculty;
  • To foster a climate in which interdisciplinary research can flourish;
  • To promote discussion and exchange of research findings through seminars and conferences;
  • To forge links with the local and regional business communities and overseas institutions;
  • To disseminate knowledge driven by innovative research to the communities; and
  • To provide professional development programmes for business leaders and practitioners in Hong Kong and Mainland China.

      Professor LIANG Liping
      Director of HKIBS