The Liberal Art University in Hong Kong
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The Hong Kong Institute of Business Studies (HKIBS) was established in September 1996 by amalgamating the former Centre for International Business Studies (CIBS) and the Centre for Entrepreneurial Studies (CES). The Institute is interdisciplinary with a clear mandate to support all Business Programme's research efforts. Though closely linked with the Business Programme, the Institute is an independent research unit of the Lingnan University.


香港商學研究所(HKIBS) 於1996年9 月成立,由原來之國際企業研究中心(CIBS)及創業研究中心(CES) 合併而成立。研究所為香港嶺南大學的一個獨立研究部門,它與大學各商學課程學系緊密聯繫,並致力協助學系中同仁進行跨學科的商學研究。