The Liberal Art University in Hong Kong
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Mission Statement

The Hong Kong Institute of Business Studies (HKIBS) was established at the Lingnan University in September 1996. Since then, the Institute witnessed the Asian financial crisis, Hong Kong’s return to China, accession of China into WTO, and the Financial Tsunami along with many other challenges and opportunities.

HKIBS provides support to the Faculty of Business and the University by initiating new research ideas, funding research projects, fostering scholarly exchange, and encouraging research collaboration. Our research efforts focus on five broad areas: 1) Auditing, Taxation and Financial Reporting, 2) Business Data Analytics and Business Intelligence, 3) Entrepreneurship and Organizational Studies, 4) Finance, Risk and Insurance Management, 5) Marketing, E-commerce and Supply Chain Management. We strive to develop active research programmes and foster an atmosphere that promotes and encourages innovative research relevant to the changing business environment in this part of the world and beyond.

Furthermore, we maintain close relationships with the local community, industries, and international institutions through many events and channels. We hold academic seminars, public symposiums, and training programmes, including those with the Chinese Executives Club of the Hong Kong Management Association and the Pei Hua Education Foundation. HKIBS has organized international conferences on a regular basis, including serving as the Secretariat for the Academy of International Business Southeast Asia Regional Chapter conferences from 2002 to 2019.

Looking forward, HKIBS will continue to support business research and contribute to the knowledge and educational development of Hong Kong.

Professor LIANG Liping
Director of HKIBS