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HKIBS Working Paper Series

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HKIBS Working Paper Series provides a platform for staff members to publish their initial research findings.

Reference ID Title Researchers
078-2021 Integrating a Liberal Arts Approach into an Undergraduate Business Programme: Lessons from a University in Hong Kong Richard S. SIMMONS and  Paul WHITLA
077-1718 Digital certificates : success or failure?

Alfred Wai-sing LOO

076-1516 Social Media, Networking, and Marketing Performance: A Study of Social Enterprises in Hong Kong Ada Hiu Kan WONG and  Felix Wing Lam TSE
075-1516 A Review of Data Mining Techniques for Research in Online Shopping Behaviour through Frequent Navigation Paths Wing Lok YEUNG
074-1415 Can Education Improve Tax Compliance? Evidence from Different Forms of Tax Education Raymond WONG, Agnes Lo
073-1314 Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word: The Effect of Self-attribution When Apologizing for a Brand crisis Denghua YUAN, Geng CUI and Lei Lai
072-1314 Perceived Similarity of Other Customers on Service Experiences Lisa WAN, Patrick POON and Maggie CHU
070-1314 What Do Seller Manipulations of Online Product Reviews Mean to Consumers? Ling PENG, Geng CUI, Mengzhou ZHUANG and Chunyu LI
071-1314 Environmental Practices and Performance of Chinese Exporter Firms: How does Environmental Knowledge Integration Matter? Esther Ling-yee LI
069-1314 Compensation and Price Delegation for Heterogeneous Sales Force Jian CHEN, Hongyan XU and Liming LIU
068-1011 Developing an Instrument to Measure Representational Predicaments at Work Robin Stanley SNELL, Almaz Man-Kuen CHAK and Yi ZHANG
067-1011 Effects of a Taxation Ethics Intervention on Hong Kong Undergraduates' Attitudes towards Tax Avoidance and Evasion Richard S SIMMONS
066-1011 Power Distance and Its Moderating Impact on Empowerment and Team Participation Yi ZHANG
065-0910 Perceived Organisational Climate, Knowledge Transfer, and Innovation in China-based Research & Development Companies Yi ZHANG and Thomas M BEGLEY


Global Electronic Commerce through ebXML and Service Oriented Architectures W L YEUNG
063-089 Ethical Issues Concerning the Experience of Representational Predicaments at Work Robin S SNELL, May M L WONG and Sandy Suk-kwan HUI
062-089 Managing Outsourcing to Develop Business: Goal Interdependence for Sharing Effective Business Practices in China Alfred WONG and Dean TJOSVOLD
061-056 What Future For The Corporate Tax In The New Century Richard S Simmons
060-045 Antecedents, Moderators and Examples of Representational Predicaments at Three Hong Kong Sites Robin S SNELL and May M L WONG
059-045 A Note on the Preferred Hedge Instrument Arthur HAU
058-045 Optimal Insurance Brokerage Commission Arthur HAU
057-045 Subtextual Gendering Processes: A Study of Japanese Retail Firms in Hong Kong May M L WONG
056-045 Transformational Classroom Leadership: Developing the Teacher Leadership Notion James S POUNDER
055-045 Full Range Leadership in the University Classroom: A Hong Kong Study James S POUNDER
054-034 Citizenship In Organisations: The Good, The Bad, and The Fake Robin S SNELL and Yuk-lan WONG
053-012 Modeling Direct Marketing Response: Bayesian Networks with Evolutionary Programming Geng CUI and Man-leung WONG
052-012 Entry Mode and Performance of Foreign Direct Investment: The Role of Strategic Orientation Geng CUI and Hon-kwong LUI
051-012 Consumer Beliefs and Attitudes Toward Marketing: An Emerging Market Perspective Tsang-sing CHAN and Geng CUI
050-012 Conflict Management and Task Reflexivity for Team In-Role and Extra-Role Performance in China Dean TJOSVOLD, Chun HUI and Ziyou YU
049-012 Can Job Turnover Improve Technical Efficiency? A Study of State-owned Enterprises in Shanghai Clement Kong-wing CHOW, Michael Ka-yiu FUNG and Hang-yue NGO
048-012 "Do Women Really Make Better Leaders than Men?" An Update James S POUNDER


Globalisation in Advertising II: Use of Global Strategies by International Advertising Agencies Paul WHITLA


Globalisation in Advertising I: Globalisation Drivers in the Advertising Industry Paul WHITLA


Gender Inequities after the Implementation of Equal Opportunities Legislation: A Study of Japanese Retail Firms in Hong Kong May M L WONG


Collective Myopia as the Blocking Mechanism to Organizational Learning  (published in Organization Studies, Vol. 26, No. 3: 323-348, 2005) May M L WONG


The Strategy in the Use of Contingent Workers in Hong Kong: Case Studies in Retail Firms (published in Human Resource Management Journal, Vol. 11, No. 4, 2001) May M L WONG


Developing as a Learning Organization: A Hong Kong Case of Sensegiving and Career Contracts Robin Stanley SNELL


Moral Atmosphere and Moral Influence in China's Transitional Economy Robin Stanley SNELL


The Chinese At Work: Collectivism Or Individualism? Edward Yui-tim WONG


Employment Strategy: Comparing Japanese and British Retail Companies in Hong Kong (published in Personnel Review, Vol. 28, No. 5/6, 1999) May M L WONG


Employee Casualisation in Department Stores In Hong Kong May M L WONG


Hedging and Nonlinear Risk Exposure Clement Kong-wing CHOW, Udo BROLL and Kit Pong WONG


An Investigation Into Whether a Link Exists Between Corporate Taxation and International Flows of Direct Investment Richard S Simmons


Corporate Taxation and the Investment Location Decisions of Multinational Corporations Richard S Simmons


Consumption Patterns of Entrepreneurs in People's Republic of China Clement Kong-wing CHOW, Michael Ka Yiu Fung and H Y Ngo


集體協議的法律效力 周國強


Further Sufficient Conditions for an Inverse Relationship between Productivity and Employment Clement Kong-wing CHOW and Kit-pong WONG


Organisational Learning through International Assignment in Japanese Overseas Companies (published in Organizational Learning, Vol. 32, No. 2, 2001) May M L WONG


Comparing International Human Resource Management Practices between Yaohan and Jusco in Hong Kong May M L WONG


Small Businesses and Liquidity Constraints in Financing Business Investment: Evidence from Shanghai's Manufacturing Sector Clement Kong-wing CHOW and Michael Ka-yiu FUNG


Organisational Self Assessment in Higher Education: Experimenting with the Competing Values Model and Behaviourally Anchored Rating Scales James S POUNDER


Knowledge and Skills of I.S. Graduates: A Hong Kong Perspective Ming-te LU, Chi-wai CHUNG and Pien WANG


性別歧視招聘廣告:《性別歧視條例》實施後的情況 周國強


香港僱員假期的全面修正 周國強


Factors Affecting Joint Venture Performance in China Edward Yui-tim WONG


Aids, Employment Rights and Policies in Hong Kong Kwok-keung CHOW


Job Turnover in China: A Case Study of Shanghai's Manufacturing Enterprises (published in Industrial Relations, 1999, Vol.39, No.4) Clement Kong-wing CHOW, Michael Ka-yiu FUNG and Hang-yue NGO
021-978 A Framework for Effective Commercial Web Application Development (published in the Internet Research Electronic Networking Applications & Policy, Vol.8, No.2) Ming-te LU and Wing-lok YEUNG
020-978 承判制度與僱傭福利 周國強
019-978 Relationships for Quality Improvement in the Hong Kong China Supply Chain: A Study in the Theory of Cooperation and Competition (published in International Journal of Quality & Reliability Management, 1999, Vol.16, No.1) Alfred WONG, Dean TJOSVOLD, Winnie WONG and C K LIU


Hong Kong Business Through Countertrade: Past, Present and Future  (published in Journal of International Marketing & Exporting, 1999, Vol. 42) Henry C STEELE
017-978 Private Businesses in China: Emerging Environment and Managerial Behavior (published in Lanekelley & Yadong Luo (eds.), China 2000: Emerging Business Issues) Clement Kong-wing CHOW, Chung-ming LAU and Hang-yue NGO


Profitability, Ownership Structure and Technical Efficiency of Enterprises in P.R. China: A Case of Manufacturing Industries in Shanghai  (published in Asia Pacific Journal of Management, 1999, Vol.16, No.3) Clement Kong-wing CHOW, Michael Ka-yiu FUNG and Ken Kai-hong WAN


A Study on Employees Retraining Programmes in Hong Kong May M L WONG


TQM in the Construction Industry in Hong Kong : A Supply Chain Management Perspective Alfred WONG


Eastern Traditional Business Values: Mercantile Patron Gods in Hong Kong Kwok-keung CHOW


從公有到私有企業:中國勞資關係的轉型 周國強


九七後香港普通法的淵源面臨衝擊: 僱主所負轉承責任的例子 周國強


中港兩地痛楚及失去人生樂趣賠償法律比較 周國強


Case Studies on Pitfalls of Total Quality Management in Hong Kong Chun-kit LIU, Kit-man CHAN and Mei-yee CHAN


Organisational Effectiveness in Higher Education: Towards An Operational Definition James S POUNDER


Women's Employment Status in Two Japanese Retail Stores in Hong Kong (published in Women in Management Review) May M L WONG


A Study of Employment System of Japanese Multinational Retailers in Hong Kong (published in International Journal of Human Resource Management) May M L WONG


The Motives of Hong Kong - Japanese International Joint Ventures May M L WONG


Endogenous Sequencing in Strategic Trade Policy Games under Uncertainty (published in Open Economies Review, 1997, Vol.8, No.4) Kit-pong WONG and Clement Kong-wing CHOW


Profitability and Technical Efficiency: A Performance Evaluation of International Joint Ventures in Shanghai's Manufacturing Industries Clement Kong-wing CHOW and Michael Ka-yiu FUNG


Measuring the Technological Leadership of International Joint Ventures in a Transforming Economy Clement Kong-wing CHOW and Michael Ka-yiu FUNG

Pre-commitment vs Flexibility: Uncertainty And Distribution Reform in P.R. China (published in Journal of Socio-Economics, 1997, Vol.26, No.1)

Clement Kong-wing CHOW