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aiblogoAIBSEAR Book Series

As part of the effort to promote the Academy of International Business Southeast Asia Regional (AIBSEAR) Chapter and its conference, we have published a book series with Palgrave McMillan - the Publisher of Jounral of International Business Studies - JIBS since 2013. The Title and content of the book will take on the theme of our regional conferences and will focus on international business studies. With the book we hope to solidify and showcase the best research in international business, consumer research, and marketing strategies relating to this region.

First Volume: Multinationals and Global Consumers: Tension, Potential and Competition, published in November, 2013 (Edited by T.S. Chan and Geng Cui). ISBN 9781137307262


Second Volume: The Rise of Asian Firms: Strengths and Strategies, published in November, 2014 (Edited by T.S. Chan and Geng Cui). ISBN 9781137407696


Third Volumn: Asian Businesses in a Turbulent Environment: Uncertainty and Coping Strategies, published in 2016 (Edited by T.S. Chan and Geng Cui).ISBN 978-1-137-48887-9