The Liberal Art University in Hong Kong
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Entrepreneurship and Organizational Studies

Program Director
  Research Interests

Prof. CHEN, Yifeng Nancy


Cross-cultural management, conflict management in joint ventures, leadership and teamwork, cooperation and competition, relationships, social capital and other management issues in China

Prof. CHEN, Tingting


Leadership, work motivation, creativity, Chinese indigenous management issues, human resource management, justice, goal interdependence

Members (in alphabetical order)
  Research Interests

Prof. JEONG, In Seong Lewis


Creativity, resilience in the face of crisis, implicit theories, unethical behavior, the psychology of entrepreneurship, strategic human resource management

Prof. LI, Na Yolanda


Prof. WANG, Nan


Experience-sampling research method, positive work events, leadership, feedback, creativity, proactivity, behavioral genetics

Prof. WONG, Mei-ling May


International human resource management, cross-cultural management, Japanese and Chinese management, human resource management, organizational behavior


Supply chain management, buyer and supplier relationships, leadership and teamwork, cooperation and competition, strategic management