The Liberal Art University in Hong Kong
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Research Programs


The Hong Kong Institute of Business Studies establishes five Research Programs to encourage collaborative research among academic staff members. Each Research Program is a broad research area which may envelop a number of related research projects. The Research Programs are on-going for years with continuous support from HKIBS.

The five Research Programs and their respective Program Directors are as follows:

1. Auditing, Taxation and Financial Reporting

Director: Prof. LIN, Zhen-pin Kenny

2. Business Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

Director: Prof. ZHANG, Dian

3. Entrepreneurship and Organizational Studies

Directors: Prof. CHEN, Yi-feng Nancy, Prof. CHEN, Ting-ting

4. Finance, Risk and Insurance Management

Directors: Prof. WEI, Lai (Finance), Prof. SUN, Tao (Risk and Insurance)

5. Marketing, E-commerce and Supply Chain Management

Directors: Prof. LENG, Ming-ming (Computing and Decision Sciences), Prof CUI, Geng (Marketing and International Business)

Application form can be obtained from our office (SEK207, email: hkibs) or downloaded here: