Co-ordinator: Dr HUI Po-Keung

Culture today is a business of global importance and a focus for policy-makers all over the developed world. The "cultural industries" such as tourism, cinema and new media, the visual, performing, digital and literary arts, the heritage industries (cultural tourism, museums, libraries, galleries) and education itself are now major forces of social as well as economic development. Cultural research helps to provide the new ideas and dynamic content such industries need in order to thrive. Cultural policy aims to foster both cultural development and community participation. Education, therefore, is the foundation of cultural policy; the major return that scholars and teachers can offer their society is to help develop the participatory powers and creative capacities of its citizens.


  • Prof Cheng Kai-ming, Professor and Chair of Education, University of Hong Kong
  • Prof Mette Hjort, Dept of Visual Studies, Lingnan University
  • Professor Hsia Lin-ching , Department of Psychology, Fu Jen Catholic University Taiwan
  • Prof Josephine Ho, Dept. of English, National Central University, Chong-li, Taiwan
  • Prof Tejaswini Niranjana, Centre for the Study of Culture and Society, Bangalore
  • Prof Wang, Xiaoming, Director, Centre for Contemporary Culture Studies (CCCS) Shanghai University, China
  • Ms Ada Y. K. Wong, JP.: Chairperson, Hong Kong Institute of Contemporary Culture
  • Dr Audrey Yue, Dept. English and Cultural Studies, University of Melbourne


  • Ms Muriel Law Yuen Fun

Projects :

1.  Professional Development Programme: New Senior Secondary Independent Enquiry Studies in the Liberal Studies Curriculum

A training project commissioned by the non-profit organization Po Leung Kuk.

Project Period: March – August 2009.

Project Director:  Dr HUI Po-keung

Instructor:  Ms Muriel LAW

Project Aim:  To train 60 teachers from 17 secondary schools on the teaching of the Independent Enquiry Studies component of the Liberal Studies subject for New Senior Secondary curriculum.

2.  A Critical Study of the Role of Educational Drama in the Teaching of Cultural Criticism

A research project funded by Lingnan University Internal Research Grant.

Project Period:  April to November 2009

Principal Investigator:  Prof Stephen CK CHAN

Project Aim:  To study the role of educational drama in the teaching of cultural criticism within the Hong Kong context.  It seeks to examine how students’ work in criticism can be enhanced with the use of drama-in-education; i.e., how ‘dramatic intervention,’ as it were, might facilitate their thinking, engagement and communication - in the form of written discourse - with its targeted readers through the multiple dimensions of practical cultural criticism as a space and process of writing. 

3.  Evaluating the Effectiveness of Integrated Humanities (S1-S3)

A Research Project Commissioned by TWGHs Kwok Yat Wai College

Project period: January to July 2005

Principal Investigator: Professor Stephen CK CHAN

Project aim: To conduct an in-depth research and critical assessment on the effectiveness of the implementation of the Integrated Humanities (S1-S3) subject at TWGHs Kwok Yat Wai College . The study will involve interviews with students, teachers and school administrators.

4.  Liberal Studies Curriculum Development

A Research and Development Project Commissioned by Hong Kong Education City Limited

Project period: January to July 2005

Principal Investigator: Dr. Po-keung Hui

Project aim:

1. To conduct an extensive literature review on the transdisciplinary approaches to the education of science and technology;

2. To prepare the overarching framework of ‘Science, Technology & the Environment’ – one of the core areas of study of the new Liberal Studies subject (S4-S6) -- with reference to similar curricula in other countries;

3. To develop useful learning and teaching resources for ‘Pollution & the Environment’, one of the units of the ‘Science, Technology & the Environment’ area of study.