As a Programme within the Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences, the mission of the Cultural Research and Development Programme (CRD) is to develop international cultural research networks based at Lingnan University and to link these to training and development projects involving cultural industry and community groups, policy-makers, managers, teachers and students in Hong Kong.

The liberal arts mission of “preparation for life” today means educating students for creativity and innovation in their professional as well as personal lives, and therefore staying in touch with community and industry needs.  Using a collaboration-based model of “applied Humanities research”, the CRD mobilises international research expertise to address cultural development issues vital to Hong Kong, and to identify effective ways of investing locally in cultural and heritage education to meet the needs of the wider Hong Kong community in the 21st century.
The goals of the CRD are:

  • To generate new knowledge of the international and local dimensions of cultural life around the East Asian region from the unique position of the HKSAR

  • to undertake collaborative cultural research projects of regional and global importance and foster new partnerships
  • to bring creative cultural research to bear on the needs of business, cultural policy-makers, teachers and community groups in Hong Kong
  • to develop new approaches to undergraduate and community education as well as postgraduate research training

In 2003-2005, CRD development activities are focussed on two key research themes:

Urban Creativity and Cultures

Gender and Everyday Life