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Selected Publications of Academic Members of the Institute

TUAL SAWN Khai 2022. , 2022, Higher Education, Innovation and Entrepreneurship from Comparative Perspectives - Reengineering China Through the Greater Bay Economy and Development. Springer

TUAL SAWN Khai 2022. One year after the coup, Myanmar children face learning, life loss – article at The Jakarta Post

TUAL SAWN Khai 2022. Migrant workers get a raw deal – commentary article at Bangkok Post

TUAL SAWN Khai 2022. Higher risk of COVID-19 infection among internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Myanmar under the military coup – the Journal of Global Public Health

TUAL SAWN Khai 2022. The plight of Myanmar’s people 11 months after military coup – The Jakarta Post

CHAN, Yuen-tung David & YANG Chun 2021. Institutional Escape and Embeddedness in the Cross-border Production Networks: Relocation of Chinese Electronics Small and Medium-sized Enterprises to Vietnam: Journal of Contemporary China: Vol 0, No 0

TUAL SAWN Khai 2021. Longing for peace despite the uncertain future of IDP children in Myanmar - Refugee Law Initiative, School of the Advanced Study University of London

KHAI, TUal Sawn 2021. Students Face an Uncertain Future of Fleeing or Fighting - University World News (UWN)

CHEN, Ying, HOU Yung Chi Angela and HUANG Lei 2020. Development of distance education in Chinese higher education in perspectives of accessibility, quality and equity under COVID-19 Asian Education and Development Studies @ Emerald Publishing Ltd

MOK, KH, HUANG, GH and ZHU, YF 2021. Migrating to GBA cities in mainland China: Assessing a model of psychological distance among Hong Kong working adults. Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues.

Mok, KH & Xiong, Waiyan 2020. Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on International Higher Education and Student Mobility: Student Perspectives from Mainland China and Hong Kong. International Journal of Educational Research, Elsevier.

Francis Arthur-Holmes. 2020. Gendered division of labour and “sympathy” in artisanal and small-scale gold mining in Prestea-Huni Valley Municipality, Ghana.
Journal of Rural Studies.

Class Consciousness of Rural Migrant Children in China
CHEN, J. & WANG, D., 23 Nov 2020, In : The China Quarterly.
Research output: Journal Publications › Journal Article (refereed) › peer-review

Lingnan research team works with colleagues from London School of Economics
Professor Ka Ho Mok and Dr Yuyang Kang contributed to a new book entitled The Anthropocene in Global Media edited by Professor Leslie Sklair from London School of Economics is published by London Routledge in October 2020.

Xiong, Weiyan. 2020. Ethnic Minority-Serving Institutions: Higher Education Case Studies from the United States and China. New York: Palgrave Macmillan.

Journal of Asian Public Policy - JAPP is an international journal edited by Ka Ho Mok which offers publication opportunity for comparative and international research in policy studies with focus on Asia.

MOK, KH, LANG, S & HAN, X 2020, 'The quest for global talent for changing economic needs: a study of student mobility and job prospects for returnees in China', Globalisation, Societies and Education, vol. 18, no. 1 (Special Issue), pp. 79-96.

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