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Institute of Policy Studies (IPS) Working Paper Series (ISSN: 2710-0960) aims to provide a platform to faculty staff, doctoral students, and researchers at and outside Lingnan University to publish their in-progress works related to policy studies to bring about the discussion and contribute to the advancement of the research areas. IPS Working Paper Series also provides the opportunity to Lingnan research- and taught-postgraduate students to publish their theses (in an abridged version) or capstone project reports.

Under this series, the Frontier column is created to provide a platform for faculty staff, doctoral students, and researchers to share the latest research findings of their recent publications. The Frontier column also aims to help the authors promote their publications. The manuscript will summarize the key findings of the published work within 1,000 words, and readers will be re-directed to the original publication if they are interested in further reading the article or book.

The working papers will be published with open access on the website of the Institute of Policy Studies, Lingnan University. With the consent from the author(s), a webinar may be scheduled based on the working paper contents as a part of the IPS Webinar Series to share the research with broader audiences.


If you are interested in publishing your in-progress work in the IPS Working Paper Series or sharing your latest research findings in the Frontier column, please carefully review the "Instructions for Authors" and submit your manuscript to either Associate Editor via email.



  • Prof. Ka Ho Mok, Vice-President and Lam Man Tsan Chair Professor of Comparative Policy; Dean, School of Graduate Studies

Associate Editors

Editorial Board

  • Prof. Adam Nelson, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
  • Prof. Angela, Yung-Chi Hou, National Chengchi University, Taiwan
  • Prof. Catherine Montgomery, University of Durham, UK
  • Prof. Deane Neubauer, University of Hawaii, USA
  • Prof. Debananda Misra, FLAME University, India
  • Prof. Wenqin Shen, Peking University, Mainland China

Production Editors

  • Mr. Ayomide Oluwaseyi Oladosu, PhD Student, School of Graduate Studies
  • Mr. Francis Arthur-Holmes, PhD Student, Department of Sociology and Social Policy
  • Ms. Guoguo Ke, DPS Student, School of Graduate Studies
  • Mr. Hamzah Nor bin Aedy Rahman, PhD Student, School of Graduate Studies
  • Mr. Khai Tual Sawn, PhD Student, School of Graduate Studies
  • Ms. Zhen Tian, PhD Student, School of Graduate Studies


Copyright Statement
Copyright of the working paper rests with the author(s).

Please submit your manuscript as a Word file. Your manuscript must be double-spaced, with 1-inch margins, and in a 12-point font.


  • For working paper submission, the manuscript must be 7,000 words or less, including footnotes and references. Manuscripts must have an abstract of not more than 250 words.
  • For Frontier column submission, the manuscript will be a summary of key findings of the published article within 1,000 words, including footnotes and references. Manuscripts must have an abstract of not more than 250 words.

Please follow the Chicago Manual of Style, 17th edition.

In-text citation. Please see below the instructions.

  • Author's name appears in the text: Mok (2018).
  • Author's name does not appear in the text: (Mok 2018).
  • Direct quotation: (Mok and Xiong 2020, 11).
  • Two authors, give both names: (Chen and Huang 2018); more than two authors, use “et al.”: (Chen et al. 2019)
  • Institutional authorship: (World Bank 2012, 110).
  • One author with more than one reference in the same year: using lowercase letters (a, b) attached to the publication year as (Chan 2012a).
  • For more than one reference within parentheses, separated by semicolons. List all references chronologically, then alphabetically (Mok 1999; Huang 2002; Zhu 2003).

Reference list. At the end of the manuscript, list sources alphabetically. Please see below the examples of common references.

Hawkins, John N., and W. James Jacob, eds. 2011. Policy Debates in Comparative, International, and Development Education. New York: Palgrave Macmillan.

Chapter in an edited book
Yonezawa, Akiyoshi, and Mikiko Nishimura. 2016. "Revisiting Key Values, Roles and Challenges of Liberal Arts Education in East Asia." In I. Jung, M. Nishimura, and T. Sasao (Eds.), Liberal Arts Education and Colleges in East Asia: Possibilities and Challenges in the Global Age (pp. 125-136). Singapore: Springer.

Book with multiple editions or volumes
Sorokin, P. A. 1959. Social and Cultural Mobility. 2nd ed. New York: Free Press.

Article in a journal
Xiong, Weiyan, and Ka Ho Mok. 2020. "Critical Reflections on Mainland China and Taiwan Overseas Returnees’ Job Searches and Career Development Experiences in the Rising Trend of Anti-globalisation." Higher Education Policy 33 (3): 413-436.

Work available through a URL citation
Chamorro-Premuzic, Tomas. 2014. "Curiosity is as Important as Intelligence." Harvard Business Review, 27 August.

Dissertation or unpublished working paper, discussion paper, etc.
Godwin, Kara A. 2013. "The Global Emergence of Liberal Education: A Comparative and Exploratory Study." PhD diss. Boston College.

Published work by an organization
World Economic Forum. 2019. Leading through the Fourth Industrial Revolution: Putting People at the Centre. Geneva, Switzerland: World Economic Forum.


Should you have any questions about the IPS Working Paper Series, please feel free to contact Dr. Weiyan Xiong via


CGHE Working Paper Series: