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Staff List

Name Phone E-mail Room
Chief Information Officer and Librarian      
Dr. LAM Mei-chun, Louisa 2616-8545 louisalam MB-403/2
Deputy Director      
Ms. CHAN, Eva 2616-8495 dootdoot MB-401/2
Associate Director      

Mr. CHEUNG Wai-man




Dr. HO Wing, Rosiah 2616-8396 rosiah MB-401/3
Administrative Officer      
Mr. CHAN Shek-hin, Gregory 2616-8411 gregorychan MB-401
Clerical Officer II      
Ms. CHOW Shuk-yee, Fiona 2616-8408 fiona MB-401
Senior Information Manager      
Mr. KWOK Kwun-yip, Terence 2616-8414 terence MB-401
Ms. LAM Hon-yee, Joyce 2616-8397 joyce.lam MB-401/5
Mr. TANG Hing-lung, James 2616-8496 james MB-401/4
Mr. WONG Siu-fung, Bennie 2616-8418 benniewong MB203/1
Information Manager      
Dr. WONG Kit-pui 2616-8417 kp.wong MB-203
Mr. WONG Wai-chung, Tommy 2616-8498 tommy MB-401
Information Security Manager      
Mr. LI Chi-keung, Dominic 2616-8401 dominicli MB-401
Institutional Research Manager      
Ms. SHU Pui-yee, Dorothy 2616-8431 dorothyshu MB-401
Assistant Information Manager I      
Ms. CHAN Tze-wai, Queenie 2616-8405 queenie MB-401
Mr. CHEUNG Ka-yiu, Kenneth 2616-8419 itskenn MB-401
Mr. CHOI Ting-hei, Ronald 2616-8413 ronaldchoi MB-401
Mr. CHOY Ho-yeung, George 2616-8435 georgechoy MB-203
Ms. LI Ching-lam, Elaine 2616-8491 chinglamli MB-401
Ms. POON Tak-man, Angel 2616-8424 angelpoon MB-401
Mr. SZETO Man-kit 2616-8421 kitszeto MB-203
Mr. TANG Ka-ki, Joey 2616-8416 joeytang MB-203
Mr. YIU Chung Shun, Max 2616-8412 maxyiu MB-203
Assistant Information Manager II      
Mr. CHAN Sheung-lim, William 2616-8404 williamslchan MB-401
Mr. HUI Lung-shan, Felix 2616-8407 felixhui MB-401
Mr. LAM Chi-ming, Patrick 2616-8497 patrick MB-401
Mr. LAU Ming-fung, Daniel 2616-7585 laumf MB-401
Ms. RONG Mei-jiang, Meagan 2616-8409 mrong MB-401
Mr. WONG Chun-kit, Kenneth 2616-8406 kenneth MB-203
Mr. YEE Chi-cheung 2616-8415 cheung MB-401
Senior Information Officer      
Mr. CHAN Shek-tak, Jack 2616-8410 jackchan MB-401
Mr. LAW Yat-wing 2616-7586 ywlaw2 MB-203/6
Mr. LIU Man-wah, Ivan 2616-7589 myivan MB-401
Information Officer      
Mr. LEUNG Yu-hing, Dick 2616-8436 dickleung MB401
Mr. LO Wai-chuen, Lawrence 2616-8437 waichuenlo MB-401
Mr. WONG Kwok-chuen, Andy 2616-7583 andy MB-203/3
Ms. WONG Suet-kan 2616-8427 skwong2 MB-203
Technician Officer      
Mr. MAN, Ka Hou, Ricky 2616-7596 rickyman MB-203/6
Technician I      
Mr. LEE Shu-hung, Michael 2616-7588 leesh MB-203/6
Senior Technical Assistant      
Mr. LAI Kin-pang, Johnny 2616-7560 johlai MB-401
Senior Information Assistant      
Mr. HO Sze-leong, Jacky 2616-8434 jackyho2 MB-203/3
Mr. HUI Ka-siu, Gordon 2616-8422 kasiuhui MB-401
Information Assistant      
Mr. NGAI Chun-yin, Gabriel 2616-8423 gabrielngai MB-203/3