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IT Priorities and Oversight Committee (ITPOC)


  • To review the IT project portfolio and establish IT project priorities consistent with University strategic directions and priorities;
  • To resolve campus-wide competing IT project priorities and establish accountability for decision making and implementation;
  • To refer IT projects to the Teaching, Learning and Information Services (TLIS) Management Board for resources consideration, if applicable; and
  • To respond to internal and/or external monitoring agencies and audit requirements on matters concerning IT projects. 

Please refer to Office of the President (Council and Court Business) website for ITPOC Membership and Terms of Reference.

ITPOC will meet once a term around mid-Oct and April each year to review project priorities.

IT Project Evaluation and Priority Setting

To initiate a major project for ITPOC consideration, the requester and ITSC will work together to prepare a Business Case for project proposal. The project proposal will be submitted through the ITPOC System to obtain approval.

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