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ITPOC Business Case

To be completed by requester and ITSC
  1. A brief summary/overview of the proposal.
  2. Requesting Department.
  3. Description of the function.
  4. Anticipated target date.
  5. If applicable, how this function is being performed in today’s environment and why the current solution is inadequate.
  6. Why the function is important to the department and/or university.
  7. Describe the impact/s of NOT providing the indicated functionality.
    1. Operational
    2. Financial
    3. Customer Relationship
    4. Staffing
  8. If applicable, provide alternatives for providing this functionality.
    1. Describe alternative/s for providing this functionality or, if modification of current software is being considered, describe the modification
    2. Identify other institutions as references for the alternative/s
    3. Describe advantages and disadvantages associated with each alternative or with the proposed project
  9. List the technical considerations that were identified by ITSC and the requesting department.
  10. Identify the cost implications of the proposed project or alternative/s.
    1. Software acquisition costs
    2. Additional hardware/network considerations
    3. Implementation or consulting
    4. Maintenance
    5. Staff support to create and maintain interfaces
  11. If possible, identify the source of funds to pay for the project.
  12. Identify lead-time issues, such as equipment acquisition lead time, training time, etc. that will impact the success of the implementation.
  13. Describe how the timing of this purchase or application development affects current or pending projects.
  14. If available, provide supporting information (e.g., recommendation of an evaluation committee, recommendation by a consultant).
  15. Identify risk/s against the proposed project and provide selected response/s if any.