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ITSC Actions Based on Staff Survey 2011/12

1. User comments and actions taken

The following is the summary of user comments and actions taken by ITSC.

What problems you experienced need ITSC to take immediate actions for improvement?

User Comments ITSC Responses

The Room Booking System is a disaster, totally not user friendly. The Wifi broke occasionally. Very slow when connecting from my home to work

ITSC has taken immediate actions and follow-ups for the Room Booking System problems:

- The search function includes the implicit program logic to display those available rooms in a particular time slot to enhance the convenience of room selection.

- More user trainings had been arranged to improve users' familiarity of the Room Booking System.

- Continued enhancement would be made to further improve the features, functions and user interface of the Room Booking System.

- Meetings with SSC, CO, REG, TPG and CC were held twice to resolve the problem of duplicate room booking.  Members in the meetings concluded that a system function should be added to prevent and fix the problem.  The function had been implemented in May 2012 after the integration testing.

- ITSC would update the room description periodically upon the notification from CO.

- Carry out verification on whether more server resources are required to support the system.

To cope with the increasing demand, ITSC has planned to upgrade the network and WiFi services on an ongoing basis.

email account setting Users are suggested to call ITSC hotline when they encountered any e-mail account setting problem.

No one answer the hotline!!!!!!  A services section we lunch time off!!??  No one would be on duty before 9:30 or after 5:30?  Always get these answer "I don't know" ; "應該唔會咁" ; "你有冇試 ..." ...  Of course, we have tried!  We know we have to try every possible away, unless you will not answer us!  I think most of the staff & student would ask "Are our ITSC Staff professional? What kind of IT job they know?".  In most of the time even a student can help more than they.  I can't find any ITSC staff worse than ours in other Universities in Hong Kong!  Do they know what their job duty is?    Just like this message.  Because of your slow network behavior. I need to type it by 8 mins!!

During non-peak seasons (i.e term breaks), the ITSC hotline starts from 09:00 to 17:30(Mon-Fri) and 09:00 to 12:30 (Sat) for the Desktop Support Team. After semester started, ITSC hotline starts from 08:30 to 18:15(Mon-Fri) and 09:00 to 12:30 (Sat) . Users can leave a voice mail if helpdesk staff is not available to answer the call.

For the standard problem diagnosis procedure, helpdesk staff needs to rule out all the possibilities by asking for actions done by user as we cannot assume user already taken all necessary actions. The hotlines sometime are jammed due to too much calls at the particular time slot and/or some common particular problem has occurred which made ITSC staff full engaged to handle the user complaints. During term period, MM/AV hotline starts from 08:30 to 18:30 (Mon-Fri) and 09:00 to 12:30 (Sat).

When ITSC receives a hotline call, helpdesk staff will ask about the status of the equipment, investigate the problem and suggest possible solutions for the user. If the problem could not be solved through the conversation, the helpdesk staff will arrange on-site support and resolve the problem at the user's office.

The projector in every classroom should be upgraded. (During the congregation, live television graduation ceremony in MBG22 was unable to perform a satisfactory effect to the audience.


The projector in MBG22 was upgraded to High Definition (HD) quality in January 2012.  ITSC has suggested to upgrade the projectors to HD quality in 5 locations as pilot test, ITSC will review the users' feedback.

The wifi connection is poor. Always unable to connect and to find the IP address.

The following upgrades have been done to fix the problem

1. Additional WiFi access points have been installed in the student hostels Hall A to Hall F.

2. The WiFi controller has been upgraded to the one with 10Gb interface and powerful processor.

3. System re-configuration and tuning such as radio strength tuning, AP relocation, etc. were done.

4. Regular WiFi testings in student hostels Hall A to Hall F and WHC Hall have been carried out to closely monitor the WiFi system.

5. The Internet link for student hostels has been upgraded to higher bandwidth.

6. ITSC colleagues have conducted network and WiFi connectivity and performance testing in studetn hostels Hall A to Hall F and WHC Hall between 23:00 and 02:00 (peak internet usage).

7. On-site support has been carried out to fix the WiFi and network problems.

8. 16 additional IP addresses (Class C) have been assigned to the WiFi connection pool.

9. Access layer switches in student hostels Hall A - Hall F have been upgraded.

Many students have reported a very slow response time in Moodle upon file download.

Joint efforts from different teams of ITSC have made investigation and improved the system performance.

What other new services or initiatives you think ITSC should consider in the coming year?

User Comments

ITSC Responses

Provide some training workshops Microsoft Office, in particular on Excel and Access

Regular Information Literacy (IL) courses including Microsoft Office organized by ITSC are held in every semester.

ITSC should listen and understand the needs from different units/departments when planning on-line admin. applications.

First-Aid Information Technology Helper (FAITH) is nominated from each department to act as a contact person on IT related matters.  ITSC information will be sent to helpers and meetings will be held periodically between helpers and ITSC to enhance communication and to achieve better exchange of information.

To consider replacing the desktop PC with notebook according to users' requirements as the costs are more or less the same. Staff members with high mobility can bring the notebook with him/her when away from his/her office/workstation.

ITSC could provide notebook instead of desktop on request.

Discounted Microsoft Windows and Office software sale

At the start of each academic year, Microsoft provides discounted products, during Notebook Ownership Program. As part of the Academic License Agreement with Microsoft, full-time staff have the right to run one copy of the software on a personally owned computer (laptop or desktop) for work-related purposes only.

Apart from the above, do you have any other suggestions / comments on ITSC services?

User Comments

ITSC Responses

The computers should be repositioned so that the screen is not facing the class. Teachers should be able to face the students and the computer simultaneously instead of having to turn their backs to the class when using the computer. Also, there are times when the teacher needs to access information on the computer that should not be visible to the students.

ITSC had introduced the wireless mini-keyboard to teachers. ITSC will further improve the operation in the future.

ITSC should allow elder students on campus to have access to Moodle.

Moodle has the function of allowing Guest Login for each course under the course settings.  Teacher can allow elder students to login as Guest.

2. Action plans

In this section, comments that need further discussion are listed, with action plan included.

What problems you experienced need ITSC to take immediate actions for improvement?

User Comments

ITSC Responses

Slow responding PC. PC occasionally down/hang.

We are considering shorten the PC replacement cycle as it may be one of the factors that the older PCs will show slow performacnce.  It needs the consensus and approval from TLIS for the additional budget.  Also, we need more specific information to identify the PC.


What other new services or initiatives you think ITSC should consider in the coming year?

User Comments

ITSC Responses

Enhance the email storage and the email software.

The email system will be upgraded to Microsoft Exchange in mid 2012 and email storage will be increased.

Apart from the above, do you have any other suggestions/comments on ITSC Services?

User Comments

ITSC Responses

To enhance the response time for the office IP Phone, and there should be more function for the phone such as text message.

IP Phone installation will be arranged within two working days after the approval has been received.  Information in the eCommuncation Directory System can be displayed on IP Phones.

The existing IP Phone system does not support instant messaging between phones. However, text announcement is supported. ITSC will regularly review the new services that will be beneficial to staff and students.

To announce the Notebook Ownership Scheme in mid-Aug, just like other local universities.

We will do our best to complete the tendering process of the Notebook Ownership Program and announce it as early as possible

improve the AV equipment in the classroom, for example, projector out of focus, increase the resolution to 16:9.

Starting from the academic year of 2011-12, AV equipment in new classrooms supports wide-screen presentation.