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ITSC Actions Based on Staff Survey 2014/15

User comments and actions taken

Followings are the summaries of user comments and immediate actions taken by ITSC.

What problems you experienced need ITSC to take immediate actions for improvement?

User Comments ITSC Responses
Chinese language is wrongly installed in some teaching software which lead to inaccessibility for foreign students. Some software comes with multilingual support. In some occasions, it detects the system language incorrectly, resulting in an auto selection of an incorrect interface language.
ITSC always install the English version of the software unless it only comes with Chinese language only.
 I've received many student assignments in docx or pdf (<100KB )but are all corrupted. It's about 90% of the assignments I received in email. Because it was urgent, I've to ask my students to email them to my gmail account. Users are encouraged to report the details to ITSC. We will conduct on-site checking to find out the root causes. We need to have checking at both the client and the server side to diagnose the problems.
Moodle assignment submission
    a. a student was misled by an email from Turnitin and cancelled her Turnitin account. She could not submit her assingment.
    b. another student submitted her assignment, even the similarity rate was reported. The teacher could not download the paper. The ITSC reply was that the paper was deleled but as to which party did it was unknown.
   c. Two submissions of one single student were seen on my submission box. One with similarity rate and the other was always "pending". Both were kept there until I deleted one.
ITSC recommend teachers/students to contact ITSC before attempting to delete the duplicated assignment submission.  Once the teachers delete the assignments from Turnitin, ITSC cannot trace the records to report to Turnitin support.
Poor printers in 24 computer rooms,
Always out of service!!!
We try to call vendor services as soon as we find printer failure.  In general, the vendors could come to fix the problems in the same day, but sometimes, replacement of parts are required which need to wait for the next working day (subject to the availability of parts).
At the moment, ITSC closely monitor the printer status, and student helpers check the printer periodically, fix any issues and refill paper as soon as possible.
Users can always contact ITSC through our hotline during office hours for immediate help.
Software and plugin patches need to be updated much more frequently for PCs in teaching classrooms and staff offices. If ITSC determines to lock admins rights on these PCs, please devise a better mechanism to perform these updates in a routine manner --- instead of leaving software patches 6 months+ out of date until some staff members complain on ad hoc basis. ITSC push critical updates and patches to computers provided by ITSC automatically. However, not every programmes are capable of remote update/upgrade. Users may still need to contact ITSC for updates of those software.
When using banner and web-system, it has 30 minutes idle time that wills auto-logout the banner and web-system for security issue.  Even the security is so important but it should balance the user need. 
Actually, the 30 minutes idle time is a short period time and the auto-logout is so burden in operation and has bad feeling to login and go to each banner function again.
Suggestion: ITSC should consider the user need to increase idle time, say 3 hours, to enhance operation efficient and reduce bad feeling for using University system.  
The idle time of the Banner and web systems was a security recommendation from our auditor.
the email system was down
the computer was down
the speed of the programme running was extremely slow
the file cannot be saved...
Please provide us with more details for further investigation.
The webmail is quite slow/ often disconnected. The storage size of server for department/ unit is small. It would be great if it can increase the size of the server. For security reasons, the automatic logout is set to 15 minutes of inactivity for public computer access and 8 hours for private computer access. User can select "This is a private computer" option when logging in WebMail.  For the storage size, staff email storage will be increased from 5GB to 50GB after the migration of staff email to Office 365 cloud platform.
The book booking system is not very convenient. As a user, I want to know the availability of all rooms in a certain date and time; and then pick the room suitable for my use. The existing booking system requires the user to specify the room first and then check the date and time. I need to pick different rooms and check the availability. It is quite time consuming. In consideration of the convenience of the room booking service, we are working on a system prototype with an enhanced "express" booking function to show the availability of the rooms for selection upon the input of the specified venue type, room size, date and time.
E-mail and banner system.  Please provide us with more details for further investigation.
Email problem or the speed of my computer is too slow Users are encouraged to report the details to ITSC. We will conduct on-site checking to find out the root causes.

What other new services or initiatives you think ITSC should consider in the coming year?

User Comments ITSC Responses
automatic SPSS update Due to the limitation of the licensing scheme, SPSS subscription requires manual renewal of license.
Information technology courses of more varieties and more advanced level, e.g. Anova analysis. ITSC will study the feasibility of conducting any IT courses which will benefit the majority of users.
Courses, like Internet securities, to be provided with more choices of timeslots e.g. more in the morning sessions ITSC will study the feasibility of conducting more IT courses with more time slots.
Small groups department-based courses e.g. Use of Moodle assignment box Comprehensive Moodle documentation including PDFs and videos is available on the TLC web page.
Specific courses to be held in the classroom during students' class time e.g. Mahara page management  Comprehensive Mahara documentation is available on the TLC web page.
Is it possible to have even one to one courses? ITSC does not provide any one-on-one courses at the moment.
電腦技術維修服務 ITSC provides software and hardware diagnostic services. However, we are not able to provide hardware repair services. Software and system reload can be performed with original software provided by the users.
Check the availability of printers everyday. During term time, ITSC helpers routinely check the availability of printers at least three times per day (Mon-Fri).
Provide computer course for students to finish the fluency test. ITSC provides courses for the IT fluency test through the ILP courses.
The ITSC should make survey for non-academic staff (eg HRO, CO, SSC) who using banner and web-system to understand their preferred time for auto-logout banner and web-system; not just consider the security problem that one cut-off point (30 minutes idle time). It should balance the security and user need, in order to improve the operation efficient and user feeling. After survey, it should consider to set-up different level for idle time to satisfy the different user need. The idle time of banner and web system was a security recommendation from our auditor.
Moodle is outdated in the worldwide academy.
Try other! (Blackboard is not really good at all)
Suggestions on selecting learning management system in the university will be forwarded to the Teaching and Learning Centre.
IT training course in Photoshop, Dreamweaver ILP provides classes on software like MS Office, network security and multimedia productions (e.g., Dreamweaver).
Multiple logon for VPN service The number of concurrent logins for each user has been increased to five (5) with the new VPN system.

6.3 Apart from the above, do you have any other suggestions/comments on ITSC Services?

User Comments ITSC Responses
I would like to thank Johnny for his help, a female ITSC colleague who replaced a faulty mouse in MBG12 so that I was able to run the PPT, and a male ITSC staff who taught me how to import scores to Moodle. Thank you.
I'm impressed by the classroom/AV response team.  When I've problem in classroom, they can fix the problem in a timely manner.  This is important to academic staff as teaching time would then be limited. Thank you.
The response time of Shared drive (S:\) is very slow.  More information of the incident is required to do effective troubleshooting, such as location and time, etc.
replace all the old computers
it doesn't matter to use the "new computer" returned by academic staff
All staff computers will be replaced with a pre-defined replacement cycle. Partial upgrade (e.g., increase of memory) of hardware may be performed in some cases by discussing with ITSC with justification. Major software upgrade can be performed only after the compatibility test is conducted. For minor version upgrade, users can always contact ITSC for arrangement.
ITSC staff is very helpful and efficient in helping us to fix computer and technical problem. I am very thankful to their help! On the other hand, I felt quite strange why the users cannot have the right to install programs/ make changes to our office computers. It is very inconvenient to users and impose quite a lot of workload to the ITSC staff. I need to make a request and ask the ITSC colleagues to remove the default shortcut icons of MS words, excel, etc., from the desktop. We cannot install some free softwares ourselves. Indeed I don't want to trouble ITSC colleagues for this kind of work that I can do myself. Management of ITSC may consider releasing some more rights to the users. For example, they can prepare a list of safe softwares/ websites that the users can download and install softwares from themselves.  Due to security concerns, administrative rights were not provided to end users. A lot of viruses/Trojan horses require administrative rights to be installed and executed.
Sometimes slow WiFi and LAN connection in the student hostel ITSC has visited student hostels and located some points with weak Wi-Fi signal. ITSC has proposed to the Hostel Committee to acquire some compact Wi-Fi Access Points for deployment at such locations.
Late announcement of the Notebook Ownership Programme Notebook Ownership Program has to undergo the tendering process before the official announcement. ITSC always tries to start the tendering process at the earliest convenience.
No idea temporary but the services are generally already good. Thank you.
I heard that itsc is not responsible for those units who purchase i.t services outside lingnan, as the major unit at the university, itsc should consider to provide suitable support anytime related to i.t matter. ITSC provides support services to computer systems purchased by departments. Limited support services can be provided to self-owned systems.