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Hostel Network (HOSTNET) Policy

These policies consist of the User Policy, HARNET Rules and Regulations and ITSC Rights and Responsibilities. In this document, the term 'users' will represent 'All Lingnan University students, staff or visitors who reside in the student hostel' unless explicitly specified otherwise.

The User Policy

  1. Every student or staff residing in the student hostel is entitled to have a single data outlet.
  2. Internet services in Hostel requests WILL NOT be honoured under the following circumstances:
    • Users change their rooms without going through the official procedures set aside by the University, and want to use data outlets other than the ones that they registered.
    • Users want to have more than one data connection through the same data outlet.
  1. No network address (TCP/IP) other than those provided by ITSC is allowed to be used in the HostNet.
  2. IP address and other network resources allocated to users by ITSC may be subject to change without prior consent and users are not allowed to use their manually coded IP address in their computer.
  3. Users are responsible and liable in relation to the software's licenses and copyright issues of their software.
  4. Users are responsible for all activities initiated from their computers/network equipment.
  5. Users should not share their password with any other persons. Activity taking place on the user's computer will be deemed to be the responsibility of the user.
  6. No computers/network equipment owned by users should produce excessive network traffic such as broadcasting, massive emailing, commercial transactions...etc.
  7. Users must not configure their computer as a network server of any kind. Users' computers should not provide any server services without the prior permission of ITSC. For example, web site for gaming, streaming video and/or audio, DHCP/BOOTP, FTP, SMTP, NAT, NTP, NFS, remote access service, etc are not allowed. Files and print sharing should be limited to within the Hostel network.
  8. Users must not install and use any hacking/cracking software on their computers connected to the HostNet.
  9. Anti-virus software must be installed in computers that are connected to the HostNet. To safeguard the network integrity and security, ITSC reserve the right to disconnect any suspect computers or equipment connected to the network. Further proceedings or investigations will be carried out whenever necessary. All users are requested to co-operate and render assistance during this investigation.

ITSC Rights and Responsibilities

  1. In case of excessive Internet traffic or severe network problems occuring| which will affect the normal operation of Internet. For example, spam messages, improper information retrieving/ uploading, or virus spreading, ITSC reserves the right to immediately disconnect the connection of any registered user without any prior notice for investigation.
  2. As problems related to network security, performance and/or availability, ITSC reserves the right to suppress any kind of Internet application service, such as ICQ, Napster, Kaaza, WinMX, FTP, NNTP, WinVNC, Remote Access or Internet games... etc. without any prior consent and further notice.
  3. ITSC has the obligation and responsibility to maintain the basic Internet services such as| WWW, Email, News, SSH, Telnet , FTP, etc.
  4. ITSC has the responsibility to notify users, in advance, of any network maintenance schedule for both preventive and emergency maintenance.
  5. Any users who violate the Rules and Regulations as stipulated in the Policy may result in loss of their HostNet access privilege. Known offenders who violate HKSAR laws and Lingnan University's regulations will be reported to the appropriate HKSAR and/or university authorities for further proceeding and/or disciplinary actions.
  6. The average Hostel fault handling time is normally seven working days respectively.
  7. ITSC holds no obligation, responsibilities or liabilities for losses or damages of any kind initiated by users of the HostNet using the network under any circumstances. All users shall take up their own responsibility in case of any jurisdiction or arbitration.